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Front page
April 1989 front page
Type Monthly newspaper
Editor WomaNews Collective
Founded 1979

WomaNews was a radical feminist newspaper that began in Gainesville, Florida in the 1970s before moving production to New York, New York. Womanews was also the name of a section in the Chicago Tribune dedicated to women's news.


Mainstream American newspapers addressed majority concerns and so different minority papers emerged in response to the need for a more comprehensive and multivocal approach to news. Women's sections in mainstream newspapers and women's newspapers provided a needed avenue for the dissemination of information and discussion of current concerns from and for women. The same is true for other minority newspapers, like the many African-American newspapers that covered human rights violations, oppression, and the movements for civil rights at the beginnings of the Civil Rights era, before mainstream newspapers offered regular or even-handed coverage.


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