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Wulf Zendik (born Lawrence E. Wulfing, in El Paso, Texas, October 7, 1920 – June 12, 1999) was an American writer, environmentalist, and bohemian. He was the author of the novel A Quest Among The Bewildered,[1][2] and has been described as an "undiscovered Beat."[3]

Larry Wulfing, a.k.a. Wulf, founded a community, Zendik (also known as Zendik Arts Farm), located in Florida, Southern California, Texas, North Carolina, and West Virginia at various times, with his wife/partner Carol Merson, a.k.a. Arol Wulf. After Zendik's death, Zendik Farm continued Zendik's philosophy by promoting the arts and an environmentally sound lifestyle.[4] In 2006, the community had a show, Zendik News, on public-access television Channel 75 in Baltimore, MD.[5] Zendik Farm members were known for their sales of T-shirts and bumper stickers saying "Stop Bitching, Start a Revolution."[6] The community has since disbanded, with the property being sold.[7]

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