Wyoming Democratic caucuses, 2008

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The 2008 Wyoming Democratic caucuses were a series of events designed to determine the delegates that the Wyoming Democratic Party sent to the 2008 Democratic National Convention. The party was allocated seven pledged delegates to presidential candidates on March 8 during the Wyoming Democratic County Caucuses. The remaining five pledged delegates were allocated on May 24 during the Wyoming Democratic State Convention. There were six Wyoming superdelegates, so the whole delegation was composed of 18 delegates.


The Wyoming caucus were open to all eligible voters who were registered as Democrats by February 22, 2008. A 15 percent threshold was required in order to receive delegates at any caucus site.[1] Rather than the traditional caucus format, most sites used secret ballots which were then counted and delegates apportioned, without re-caucusing of nonviable groups.[2]


County caucuses[edit]

Caucus date: March 8, 2008

National pledged delegates determined: 12

Wyoming Democratic presidential county caucuses, 2008[3]
Candidate Votes Percentage District Delegates[4] Estimated national delegates[4]
Barack Obama 5,378 61.44% 4 7
Hillary Clinton 3,311 37.83% 3 5
Other 64 0.73% 0 0
Totals 8,753 100.00% 7 12

State Convention[edit]

Convention date: May 24, 2008

National pledged delegates determined: 5

Wyoming Democratic presidential state convention, 2008
Candidate At-Large and PLEO delegates Percentage National delegates[4]
Barack Obama - 0.00% 7
Hillary Clinton - 0.00% 5
Totals 5 0.00% 12

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