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Yasuhiro Yoshiura at the 26th Tokyo International Film Festival

Yasuhiro Yoshiura (吉浦 康裕 Yoshiura Yasuhiro?) is a Japanese writer and director of animated short films. Born in 1980 in Hokkaido, and raised in Fukuoka, he graduated from Kyushu University's Faculty of Design (formerly Kyushu Institute of Design) in 2003. He moved to Tokyo following the release of his critically acclaimed film Pale Cocoon in 2006. Yoshiura's production company is called Studio Rikka. He often also provides the voice of a minor character in his works.


Year Name Genre Status Post
2000 Noisy Birth Music, Psychological Released Director
2001 Kikumana Dementia, Psychological Released Screenwriter
2002 Mizu no Kotoba Drama, Sci-Fi, Psychological Released Director, Screenwriter
2006 Pale Cocoon Drama, Psychological, Sci-fi Released Director
2009 Eve no Jikan Sci-Fi, Slice of Life Released Director, Screenwriter, Original Creator
2009 Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance Action, Mecha, Sci-Fi Released Designer
2010 Eve no Jikan (Film) Sci-Fi, Slice of Life Released Director, Screenwriter, Original Creator
2012 Sakasama no Patema Sci-Fi Released Director, Original Creator
2013 Sakasama no Patema (Film) Sci-Fi Released Director, Screenwriter, Original Creator
2014 Harmonie Slice of Life, Fantasy Released Director, Original Creator, Storyboard


  • 2001: Japan Digital Animation Festival 2001, Award Winner
  • 2002: NHK's Digital Stadium TV program, Yuichi Ito Selected Work
  • 2002: DoGA 14th CG Anime Contest, Award Winner
  • 2002: Ars Electronica 2002, Honorary Mention (other award recipients included DreamWorks' The Time Machine)
  • 2003: 6th Japan Media Arts Festival, selected work
  • 2003: Tokyo International Anime Fair 2003, Outstanding Anime Award (other award recipients included Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex by Production I.G)
  • 2003: DoGA 15th CG Anime Contest, Work Award
  • 2003: Broadband Art & Contents Award Japan, Visual Contents Outstanding Work Award
  • 2006: Nihonbashi Eizosai, Outstanding Work Award
  • 2006: Sapporo Short Fest, Screenplay Award
  • 2006: Tokyo International Film Festival, invited work


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