Yellow Dog Records

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Yellow Dog Records
Yellow dog logo.jpg
Founded 2002
Founder Mike Powers
Status Active
Genre Blues, Jazz, Soul, Folk, Americana
Country of origin United States
Location Memphis, TN
Official website

Yellow Dog Records is an American independent record label based in Memphis, Tennessee that features authentic American music - blues, jazz, soul and Americana. It was founded in 2002 to support independent musicians on its roster with recording, production, promotion and distribution.[1]

Artists on the label have received numerous awards and played with notable musicians, including Eden Brent - Blues Music Awards recipient for 2009 Acoustic Artist of the Year and Acoustic Album of the Year for “Mississippi Number One”,[2] plus the winner of the Blues Foundation’s 2006 International Blues Challenge;[3] Fiona Boyes - the first Australian and the first woman to win the Blues Foundation’s International Blues Challenge and three time Blues Award Nominee;[4][5] Mary Flower - 2008 Blues Music Award Nominee for Acoustic Artist of the Year;[6] and Terry Robb - 16 time “Muddy Award” winner from the Cascade Blues Association.[7]

The label name is inspired by the Yellow Dog Railroad and its role in American music history. The Yazoo Delta railroad, known as the “Yellow Dog”, was a renowned rail line running through the heart of the Mississippi delta in the early 1900s.[8] References to the Yellow Dog appear in early blues songs by W.C. Handy, Bessie Smith,[9] Charlie Patton, Lucille Bogan and Big Bill Broonzy.

Artists (past and present)[edit]


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