You Are What You Eat (film)

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You Are What You Eat
Directed by Barry Feinstein
Produced by Michael Butler
Barry Feinstein
Peter Yarrow
Associate Producers
Phil Ramone
A. Joseph Tandet
Starring Paul Butterfield
David Crosby
Dave Dixon
John Herald
Sharmagne Leland
Barry McGuire
Marilyn Salisbury
Super Spade
John Simon
Tiny Tim
Peter Yarrow
Frank Zappa
The Band
Music by John Simon
Musical Director
Peter Yarrow
Cinematography Barry Feinstein
Edited by Howard Alk
Distributed by Commonwealth United Entertainment (USA Theatrical)
Release dates 1968
Country United States
Language English

You Are What You Eat is a 1968 American counterculture semi-documentary movie that attempts to capture the essence of the 1960s flower power hippie era and the Haight & Ashbury scene. The film features locally known personalities including well known and somewhat mythical pot dealer Super Spade and musicians of the day including Tiny Tim, David Crosby and Peter Yarrow etc. and radio disc jockey, Rosko.

The film soundtrack features music by John Simon and by artists as diverse as Paul Butterfield, The Electric Flag, Eleanor Barooshian, Peter Yarrow, John Herald and Harpers Bizarre, accompanied by several members of The Band.[1]


  • You Are What You Eat - Columbia OS-3240 - 1968
  • You Are What You Eat - Sony Records, Japan, SRCS-8522 - 1997[2]


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