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Zoheb Hassan
زہیب حسن
Birth name Syed Zoheb-u-Din Hassan
Born (1966-11-18) November 18, 1966 (age 47)
Origin Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan
Occupations CEO B&H International /Advisor to Governor of Sindh / Singer & Producer
Instruments Guitar
Years active 1981–1992; 2006
Associated acts Nazia Hassan
Website Official Website
Notable instruments

Zoheb Hassan (born November 18, 1966) is a self retired Pakistani pop icon, who left the music industry after the death of his sister and sub-continental pop legend, Nazia Hassan.

Early career and breakthrough[edit]

See also: Nazia and Zoheb

He and his sisters Zara and Nazia spent their childhood in Karachi as well as London. In the late 1970s, both siblings attended and sang at "Sang Sang Chalien" and "Kaliyon Ke Mala", famous musical shows for children hosted by the music maestro Suhail Rana. Ironically, in the early days Zohaib was not interested in music at all. Later he developed a keen interest in playing guitar and requested the famous musician Alamgir to give him guitar lessons. In the mid-1970s, Nazia and Zohaib's family moved to London.

Nazia's professional career started at the age of fifteen when she provided lead vocals for the song "Aap Jaisa Koi" from the 1980 film Qurbani. Nazia was introduced to the film's director Feroz Khan by his friend Biddu in the United Kingdom. The song was a huge success in India and despite Nazia being a Pakistani, she gained overnight fame there.

After the release of Disco Deewane, Nazia and Zohaib were offered the chance to act in a movie by Biddu, but they refused to act and chose singing. Their second album Star/Boom Boom was released in 1982. The soundtrack of the album was used in the movie Star. The film did not do well at the box office but the album was successful and increased the popularity of Zoheb and Nazia in Pakistan and India.

Their third album, Young Tarang was released in 1984. It was the first album in Pakistan to feature music videos.

Nazia's fourth album, Hotline was released in 1987.

In 1991, Zoheb and Nazia recorded her fifth album, Camera Camera. Before the album's release, they announced that it would be their last album. The album was released in 1992. The hit track from this album was Tali De Thalay. After the album's release, Nazia left her singing career to focus on her health and personal life.

In 1995, Nazia went on to marry. The marriage ended in divorce just before her death from lung cancer on August 13, 2000. Zoheb took some time off from music to concentrate on his family business in Pakistan and the UK.




  • Star/Boom Boom (1982)
  • Dil Wala (1986)
  • Ilzaam (1986)
  • Sheela (1987)
  • Saaya (1989)


  • Our Love Last Forever (1981)
  • Ankhien Band Karo (1995)
  • Star of Asia (2002)
  • Medlay (2002)
  • Sathi Ray (2003)
  • Khubsoorat (2003)

TV appearances[edit]

  • Disco Deewane (BBC Show 1981)
  • Disco Deewane (DD 1 1981)
  • BBC News (1981)
  • Zia Moh-u-Din Show (Channel 4 1981)
  • David Sole (1981)
  • David Essex (1981)
  • Neelam Ghar (1983–1988)
  • Young Tarang Show (DD 1 1984)
  • Aap Ke Liye (PTV 1985)
  • Youth Festival (1985)
  • PTV Election Transmission (1985)
  • TV Hits (1987)
  • BBC Show (1987)
  • 7Th PTV Awards (1987)
  • PTV Awards (1988)
  • Don't Think Twice (1988)
  • Aap Ka Zamir (1987)
  • Music 89 (1989)
  • Nazia Zoheb Dubai show 89 (1989)
  • PTV Silver Jublie Show (1989)
  • Private Eye
  • Aap Ke Mehman (1990)
  • PTV 25 (1990)
  • Mehman-i-Khasosi (1990)
  • Studio 2 (1990)
  • Eid Show (1992)
  • Kaliyan (1990–1991)
  • Pro Audio Show (1995)
  • PTV World (1998)
  • PTV Top Ten (1999)
  • Zee TV (2000)
  • Tribute Concert to Nazia Hassan (2002)
  • PTV Prime (2000)
  • PTV Nite Time Transmission (2002)
  • PTV Awards (2002)
  • Face of The Year (2002)
  • Black & White (Indus Vision 2002)
  • PTV Ramdan Transmission (2003)
  • Face of The Year (2003)
  • Gaye Ge Dunia Geet Mere (Geo TV, 2003)
  • Kismet Show (Geo TV, 2006)
  • Hum Morning Show (Hum TV, 2007)
  • PTV ED Live Transmission (August 13, 2007)
  • Marina Morning (ARY Digital, October 31, 2007)
  • Baat Nikley Gee Tu (ARY Digital, December 26, 2007)
  • Tribute to Nazia Hassan (Play TV, 2008)
  • Nazia Hassan Ke Salgirah (MTV, 2008)
  • Subah Sawaire with Shaista (ARY OneWorld, 2008)
  • Sunday with Bushra (Geo Entertainment, April 27, 2008)

TV dramas[edit]

  • Kismet (Geo TV, 2006)

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