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Zoren Legaspi
Born Zoren Lim Legaspi
(1972-01-30) January 30, 1972 (age 42)
Manila, Philippines
Occupation Actor, director, host, film producer
Years active 1988–present
Religion Members Church of God International
Spouse(s) Carmina Villaroel (m. 2012)
Children Cassandra "Cassy" and Maverick "Mavy" Legaspi

Zoren Legaspi (born on January 30, 1972 in Manila) is a Filipino actor and television director.

Biography and career[edit]

Zoren comes from a family of Filipino celebrities. His father, Lito Legaspi, and brothers, Kier and Brandon, are all actors. His spouse, Carmina Villaroel, is a movie and television actress. They have twins, Cassandra and Maverick, born in the US.

He was once a leading man of beauty queen/actress Ruffa Gutierrez who was his ex-girlfriend. He was a member of That's Entertainment as a matinee idol. He was nominated for a Best Supporting Actor Award for his performance in the movie The Fatima Buen Story in the Gawad Urian Awards of 1995.

Zoren directs for GMA for television shows like Fantastikids, Fantastic Man, Wag Kukurap and Atlantika. He made his film director debut for Ultraelectromagnetic Love of Regal Films which was to be shown in 2008.

He was a minor character in Agua Bendita aired on ABS-CBN.

Zoren Legaspi returned to GMA with his partner Carmina on a new talk show, "Love Ni Mister, Love Ni Misis". This was Zoren's first hosting on TV and first talk show on GMA 7. The show premiered August 9, 2010.

Zoren returned to TV5 as host in Paparazzi with his co-hosts Ruffa Guttierrez, Shalala, Christy Fermin and Mo Twister. This was Zoren's second hosting on TV after Love Ni Mister, Love Ni Misis aired on GMA 7 in 2010.

Zoren returns again to drama via Glamorosa with grand slam best actress Lorna Tolentino and former Palmolive endorser Alice Dixson. The show premiered November 2011.

On November 2012, Carmina and Zoren had their wedding, and the ABS-CBN had their special coverage of their wedding that aired November 24, 2012 entitled Zoren-Carmina: Always Forever, A Wedding Like No Other.[1][2][3][4] The idea of a surprise proposal followed by a flashmob-style instant wedding was inspired by a remarkably similar episode of the U.S. television show "Mobbed" hosted by Howie Mandel.[5]


TV shows[edit]


  • Inang Yaya 2007
  • Pacquiao: The Movie 2006
  • Mulawin: The Movie 2005
  • Fantastic Man 2004
  • Mano Po 2: My Home 2003
  • The Cory Quirino Kidnap Files 2002
  • Xtreme Warriors 2001
  • Hindi Sisiw Ang Kalaban Mo 2001
  • Testigo 2000
  • Laban Kung Laban 2000
  • Baliktaran 2000
  • Nag-aapoy na Laman 2000
  • Ang Boyfriend Kong Pari 1999
  • Elias Marengo: Bayolente 1999
  • Markado 1999
  • Shake Rattle and Role 11 20..
  • Alyas Big Time 1999
  • The Resort Murders 1998
  • Kahit Mabuhay Kang Muli 1998
  • Desperate Hours 1998
  • Daniel Eskultor 1997
  • Kung Marunong Kang Magdasal, Umpisahan Mo Na 1997
  • Matang Agila 1997
  • Baril sa Baril 1997
  • Bandido 1997
  • Duwelo 1996
  • Sandata 1996
  • Kailanman 1996
  • Melencio Magat: Dugo Laban Dugo 1995
  • The Fatima Buen Story 1995
  • Hataw Tatay Hataw 1994
  • Alyas Boy Ama: Tirador 1994 - Moviestars Production
  • Silya Eletrika 1994 Viva Films
  • Multo in the City 1994
  • Massacre Files 1994
  • Bala at Lipstick 1993
  • Shotgun Banjo (1992) (Released Date: 28 October 1992)
  • Pretty Boy Hoodlum (1992) (Released Date: 22 April 1992)
  • Ipaglaban Mo ako Boy Topak 1991 (Released Date: 6 November 1991)
  • Pido Dida 2: Kasal Na 1991
  • Island of Desire 1990
  • I Have 3 Eggs 1990
  • Tora Tora, Bang Bang Bang 1990
  • Student Body 1990
  • Wooly Booly: Ang Classmate Kong Alien 1989
  • Tikboy Tikas at ang mga batang krhoaks 1987

As TV director[edit]

Commercial endorsements[edit]

  • Cheriffer Vitamin Syrup
  • Knorr Real Sarap Granule
  • Molecules T-Shirt (with Carmina)
  • Rexona Deodorant
  • Selecta Ice Cream
  • UFC Tamis Anghang Ketchup
  • Vaseline Shampoo


  • Gawad Urian - Best Supporting Actor for The Fatima Buen Story (nominated)


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