Zuiderduin Masters

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Zuiderduin Masters
Tournament information
Venue Zuiderduin Hotel
Location Egmond aan Zee
Country Netherlands
Established 1995
Organisation(s) WDF/BDO
Format Legs (round robin)
Sets (knockOut)
Month(s) Played December
Current champion(s)
England Jamie Hughes
Russia Anastasia Dobromyslova

The Zuiderduin Dutch Grand Masters, more commonly referred to as the Zuiderduin Masters, is a darts tournament held in Egmond aan Zee, Netherlands, sanctioned by the British Darts Organisation and the World Darts Federation. It is held in December and is traditionally the last BDO event held before the annual World Championship. The tournament was an unranked event until 2008, when it was installed as a ranking event, along with the World Championships and the World Masters, following the cancellation of the World Darts Trophy and the International Darts League.[1]


The competition began in 1995, known as the Dutch Grand Masters, but the tournament ceased between 1997 and 1999. In 2000, it returned as the "European Grand Masters", and then became the "Doeland Grand Masters" from 2001 to 2004, and the "Leendesk Masters" in 2005. The 2006 Masters was postponed, and was to be held in March 2007, reverting to its original title "Dutch Grand Masters".[2] The event was later cancelled, due to lack of sponsorship, but was revived later that year when the tournament venue, the Hotel Zuidenduin, stepped in to sponsor the tournament, and it was branded the Zuiderduin Masters.


The field is made up of 24 players. Qualification is determined from the top 16 players from the Zuiderduin Masters ranking table, which is separate from the BDO/WDF World Rankings, as well four players from the International Darts Tour of the Lowlands (IDTL), and the winner of the Netherlands Champions League, plus 3 wild cards. If an IDTL qualifier is already qualified through his ranking, an extra wild card becomes available.

The 24 players are split into 8 groups, with each player playing 2 matches, best of 9 legs. The top player from each group advance to the quarter-finals, which is played in set format through to the final.


The tournament has been held at the Hotel Zuiderduin in Egmond aan Zee. In 2007, following the postponement of the 2006 event, plans were made to host the 2007 Dutch Grand Masters in Rosmalen, but after it was cancelled, the plans were aborted and it remained in Egmond.


Year Winner (average in final)[3] Score[4] Runner Up (average in final)[3]
1995 Netherlands Raymond van Barneveld
1996 England Martin Adams
1997-99 not held
2000 England Martin Adams (97.05) 5-4 England Steve Beaton (92.70)
2001 Netherlands Raymond van Barneveld 5-1 England Andy Fordham
2002 Australia Tony David (96.03) 6-4 England Mervyn King (95.07)
2003 Netherlands Raymond van Barneveld (94.23) 6-1 England Mervyn King (88.05)
2004 Netherlands Raymond van Barneveld (94.17) 5-1 England Ted Hankey (81.21)
2005 England Mervyn King (99.30) 5-4 England Martin Adams (99.48)
2006 not held
2007 Scotland Gary Anderson (100.32) 5-4 Wales Mark Webster (96.45)
2008 Scotland Gary Anderson (99.21) 5-4 England Scott Waites (93.75)
2009 England Darryl Fitton (93.94) 5-2 England Martin Adams (97.00)
2010 Scotland Ross Montgomery (94.17) 5-4 England Robbie Green (93.81)
2011 England Scott Waites (99.62) 5-4 England Darryl Fitton (97.91)
2012 England Stephen Bunting (97.62) 5-0 England Alan Norris (92.67)
2013 England James Wilson (91.10) 5-1 England Stephen Bunting (88.45)
2014 England Jamie Hughes (96.12) 5-0 England Gary Robson (86.22)

Women's Zuiderduin Masters[edit]

Following the tournament's inception as a ranking event in 2008, a women's competition was installed with an 8-player field, made up from the top 5 players in the Zuiderduin rankings, an IDTL qualifier, the winner of the Netherlands Champions League and a wildcard. Likewise with the men's event, an extra wildcard can also be awarded. The competition is played in a straight knockout format.

Year Winner (average in final)[3] Score[4] Runner Up (average in final)[3]
2008 England Lisa Ashton (78.42) 2-0 England Trina Gulliver (65.91)
2009 Wales Julie Gore (86.07) 2-0 England Tricia Wright (81.87)
2010 England Trina Gulliver (78.40) 2-1 Netherlands Francis Hoenselaar (71.79)
2011 England Deta Hedman (75.71) 2-0 Netherlands Aileen de Graaf (71.79)
2012 Russia Anastasia Dobromyslova 2-1 Netherlands Aileen de Graaf
2013 Netherlands Aileen de Graaf 2-0 Russia Anastasia Dobromyslova
2014 Russia Anastasia Dobromyslova 2-1 Netherlands Aileen de Graaf

Notes and references[edit]

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