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Country  Netherlands
Province South Holland
Municipality Midden-Delfland
Time zone CET (UTC+1)

Zweth or De Zweth is a hamlet in the western Netherlands. It is located about halfway between Delft and Rotterdam, where the small river Berkelsche Zweth joins the Schie river, around a bridge across the Berkelsche Zweth.

The part of the hamlet north of the bridge is located in the municipality Midden-Delfland, and the southern part is located in the municipality of Rotterdam. The two municipalities use two different spellings of the name: the official name for the northern part is "De Zweth", while the southern part is called just "Zweth".

De Zwethheul, at the bridge. Note the two different spellings of the hamlet's name on the official signs.

The restaurant De Zwethheul, a restaurant with two Michelin stars, is located there.

Coordinates: 51°58′N 4°24′E / 51.967°N 4.400°E / 51.967; 4.400