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Buak Hard Park (Chiangmai)

Buak Hard Public Park is a public park located in the southwest corner of Chiang Mai’s old city.[1] It is open every day from 0500 - 2100. [2] The park is decorated with many trees and flowers. [3] It is a very famous place for local people and tourists to visit and is a location for many of Chiang Mai’s festivals such as the Flower Festival. [1]


People of all age groups usually spend their holidays easing at Buak Hard Public Park. It is a very popular place for a family trip. [4] There are many activities that can be done in the park such as: [4]

  • Jogging: The park's perimeter is 440m, a convenient distance for running practice.[5]
  • Tai Chi meditation: Every morning around 5 am., there always is a group of elderly Chinese people doing this Tai Chi meditation.
  • Photography: Buak Hard Park is considered as one of the most beautiful park in Chiang Mai. Many popular pictures are taken from there.
  • Family picnic: There is even a pallet available for rent inside the park. Any family can rent it to sit enjoying views by the pond.
  • Drawing
  • Authentic Thai Massage.


Buak Hard Public Park is a park with a natural style. The park is embellished with many fresh flowers and big ponds. There are also many pigeons flying around the pond eating bread that visitors feed them. This attraction makes Buak Hard park the only ideal public park in Chiang Mai that is still popular.[4]


Buak Hard Public Park always be used to celebrate Flower Festival. There are many types of flower in the park such as:[6]


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Coordinates: 18°46′56″N 98°58′45″E / 18.7821°N 98.9793°E / 18.7821; 98.9793