Telephone numbers in Morocco

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Telephone numbers in Morocco
NSN length9
Access codes
Country code+212
International access00

All phone numbers in Morocco are 9 digits in length (excluding the leading 0).

Morocco uses a closed numbering plan, i.e. the prefix is not omitted for local calls. This is necessary because the same geographic area can be served by several prefixes. Casablanca, for instance, has 10 prefixes.

Fixed and mobile prefixes belong exclusively to one phone company. On the following list, fixed networks are indicated by the following letters: I = Maroc Telecom (fixed), O = Orange Maroc (NGN), W = INWI (Maroc Connect) (fixed NGN), X = INWI (Maroc Connect) (fixed GSM(?))


The disputed territory of Western Sahara de facto uses the ranges owned by Morocco. The ranges in Western Sahara are +212 5288-XXXXX, and +212 5289-XXXXX.

From other countries From Morocco In operation since
0 trunk prefix
00 international prefix
not possible 1x and 1xx Special services
not possible 15 fire brigade, ambulance
not possible 19 police
not possible 177 gendarmerie royale
+212-5xxxxxxxx 05xxxxxxxx Fixed numbers
+212-520-xxxxxx 0520-xxxxxx Casablanca (O) 2006-05-29
+212-521-xxxxxx 0521-xxxxxx Casablanca, Beni Mellal, Berrechid,
El Jadida, Khouribga, Settat and Mohammedia (O)
+212-5222-xxxxx 05222-xxxxx Casablanca (I)
+212-5223-xxxxx 05223-xxxxx Casablanca (I)
+212-5224-xxxxx 05224-xxxxx Casablanca (I)
+212-5225-xxxxx 05225-xxxxx Casablanca (I)
+212-5226-xxxxx 05226-xxxxx Casablanca (I)
+212-5227-xxxxx 05227-xxxxx Casablanca (I)
+212-5228-xxxxx 05228-xxxxx Casablanca (I)
+212-5229-xxxxx 05229-xxxxx Casablanca (I)
+212-5232-xxxxx 05232-xxxxx Mohammedia (I)
+212-5233-xxxxx 05233-xxxxx El Jedida and Mohammedia (I)
+212-5234-xxxxx 05234-xxxxx Settat (I)
+212-5235-xxxxx 05235-xxxxx Oued Zem (I)
+212-5237-xxxxx 05237-xxxxx Settat (I)
+212-5242-xxxxx 05242-xxxxx El Kelaa des Sraghna (I)
+212-5243-xxxxx 05243-xxxxx Marrakech (I)
+212-5244-xxxxx 05244-xxxxx Marrakech (I)
+212-5246-xxxxx 05246-xxxxx El Youssoufia and Safi (I)
+212-5247-xxxxx 05247-xxxxx Essaouira (I)
+212-5248-xxxxx 05248-xxxxx Ouarzazate (I)
+212-525-xxxxxx 0525-xxxxxx Marrakech, Agadir, Dakhla, Essaouira,
Laayoune, Ouarzazate and Safi (O)
+212-526-xxxxxx 0526-xxxxxx Services with restricted mobility (X)
+212-527-xxxxxx 0527-xxxxxx Services with restricted mobility (X)
+212-5282-xxxxx 05282-xxxxx Agadir, Ait Meloul and Inezgane (I)
+212-5283-xxxxx 05283-xxxxx Inezgane and Taroudannt (I)
+212-5285-xxxxx 05285-xxxxx Oulad Teima, Taroudannt (I)
+212-5286-xxxxx 05286-xxxxx Tiznit (I)
+212-52867-xxxxx 052867-xxxxx Lakhssas (I)
+212-5287-xxxxx 05287-xxxxx Guelmim, Tan Tan (I)
+212-5288-xxxxx 05288-xxxxx Agadir, Es-Semara, Tarfaya (I)
+212-5289-xxxxx 05289-xxxxx Dakhla, Laayoune (I)
+212-5290-xxxxx 05290-xxxxx Casablanca (W)
+212-52980-xxxx 052980-xxxx Marrakech and surrounding area (W)
+212-52990-xxxx 052990-xxxx Agadir and surrounding area (W)
+212-530-xxxxxx 0530-xxxxxx Rabat, Kenitra (O) 2006-05-29
+212-531-xxxxxx 0531-xxxxxx Tangier, Al Hoceima, Larache, Tetouan (O) 2006-05-29
+212-532-xxxxxx 0532-xxxxxx Fes, Errachidia, Meknes, Nador, Oujda, Taza (O) 2006-05-29
+212-533-xxxxxx 0533-xxxxxx Services with restricted mobility (X)
+212-534-xxxxxx 0534-xxxxxx Services with restricted mobility (X)
+212-5352-xxxxx 05352-xxxxx Taza (I)
+212-5353-xxxxx 05353-xxxxx Midelt (I)
+212-5354-xxxxx 05354-xxxxx Meknès (I)
+212-5355-xxxxx 05355-xxxxx Meknès (I)
+212-5356-xxxxx 05356-xxxxx Fès (I)
+212-5357-xxxxx 05357-xxxxx Goulmima (I)
+212-5358-xxxxx 05358-xxxxx Ifrane (I)
+212-5359-xxxxx 05359-xxxxx Fès (I)
+212-5362-xxxxx 05362-xxxxx Berkane (I)
+212-5363-xxxxx 05363-xxxxx Nador (I)
+212-5365-xxxxx 05365-xxxxx Oujda (I)
+212-5366-xxxxx 05366-xxxxx Figuig, Oujda (I)
+212-5367-xxxxx 05367-xxxxx Bouarfa, Oujda (I)
+212-5368-xxxxx 05368-xxxxx Figuig (I)
+212-5372-xxxxx 05372-xxxxx Rabat (I)
+212-5373-xxxxx 05373-xxxxx Kénitra (I)
+212-5374-xxxxx 05374-xxxxx Ouazzane (I)
+212-5375-xxxxx 05375-xxxxx Sidi Slimane, Khémisset (I)
+212-5376-xxxxx 05376-xxxxx Rabat, Témara (I)
+212-5377-xxxxx 05377-xxxxx Rabat (I)
+212-5378-xxxxx 05378-xxxxx Salé (I)
+212-5379-xxxxx 05379-xxxxx Souk Larbaa (I)
+212-5380-xxxxx 05380-xxxxx Rabat and surrounding area (W)
+212-53880-xxxx 053880-xxxx Tangier and surrounding area (W)
+212-53890-xxxx 053890-xxxx Fès, Meknès and surrounding area (W)
+212-5393-xxxxx 05393-xxxxx Tangier (I)
+212-5394-xxxxx 05394-xxxxx Asilah (I)
+212-5395-xxxxx 05395-xxxxx Larache (I)
+212-5396-xxxxx 05396-xxxxx Fnideq, Martil, Mdiq (I)
+212-5397-xxxxx 05397-xxxxx Tétouan (I)
+212-5398-xxxxx 05398-xxxxx Al Hoceima, Chefchaouen (I)
+212-5399-xxxxx 05399-xxxxx Al Hoceima, Larache, Tangier (I)
+212-6xxxxxxxx 06xxxxxxxx Mobile networks (GSM)
+212-610-xxxxxx 0610-xxxxxx Maroc Telecom
+212-611-xxxxxx 0611-xxxxxx Maroc Telecom
+212-612-xxxxxx 0612-xxxxxx Orange Maroc 2006-04-10
+212-613-xxxxxx 0613-xxxxxx Maroc Telecom
+212-614-xxxxxx 0614-xxxxxx Orange Maroc 2006-07-17
+212-615-xxxxxx 0615-xxxxxx Maroc Telecom
+212-616-xxxxxx 0616-xxxxxx Maroc Telecom
+212-617-xxxxxx 0617-xxxxxx Orange Maroc
+212-618-xxxxxx 0618-xxxxxx Maroc Telecom
+212-619-xxxxxx 0619-xxxxxx Orange Maroc
+212-636-xxxxxx 0636-xxxxxx - (X)
+212-637-xxxxxx 0637-xxxxxx - (X)
+212-640-xxxxxx 0640-xxxxxx INWI
+212-641-xxxxxx 0641-xxxxxx Maroc Telecom
+212-642-xxxxxx 0642-xxxxxx Maroc Telecom
+212-644-xxxxxx 0644-xxxxxx Orange Maroc
+212-645-xxxxxx 0645-xxxxxx Orange Maroc
+212-646-xxxxxx 0646-xxxxxx INWI
+212-647-xxxxxx 0647-xxxxxx INWI
+212-649-xxxxxx 0649-xxxxxx Orange Maroc
+212-648-xxxxxx 0648-xxxxxx Maroc Telecom
+212-650-xxxxxx 0650-xxxxxx Maroc Telecom
+212-651-xxxxxx 0651-xxxxxx Maroc Telecom
+212-652-xxxxxx 0652-xxxxxx Maroc Telecom
+212-653-xxxxxx 0653-xxxxxx Maroc Telecom
+212-654-xxxxxx 0654-xxxxxx Maroc Telecom
+212-655-xxxxxx 0655-xxxxxx Maroc Telecom
+212-656-xxxxxx 0656-xxxxxx Orange Maroc
+212-657-xxxxxx 0657-xxxxxx Orange Maroc
+212-658-xxxxxx 0658-xxxxxx Maroc Telecom
+212-659-xxxxxx 0659-xxxxxx Maroc Telecom
+212-660-xxxxxx 0660-xxxxxx Orange Maroc
+212-661-xxxxxx 0661-xxxxxx Maroc Telecom
+212-662-xxxxxx 0662-xxxxxx Maroc Telecom
+212-663-xxxxxx 0663-xxxxxx Orange Maroc
+212-664-xxxxxx 0664-xxxxxx Orange Maroc
+212-665-xxxxxx 0665-xxxxxx Orange Maroc
+212-666-xxxxxx 0666-xxxxxx Maroc Telecom
+212-667-xxxxxx 0667-xxxxxx Maroc Telecom
+212-668-xxxxxx 0668-xxxxxx Maroc Telecom
+212-669-xxxxxx 0669-xxxxxx Orange Maroc
+212-670-xxxxxx 0670-xxxxxx Maroc Telecom
+212-671-xxxxxx 0671-xxxxxx Maroc Telecom
+212-672-xxxxxx 0672-xxxxxx Maroc Telecom
+212-673-xxxxxx 0673-xxxxxx Maroc Telecom
+212-674-xxxxxx 0674-xxxxxx Orange Maroc
+212-675-xxxxxx 0675-xxxxxx Orange Maroc 2005-03-15
+212-676-xxxxxx 0676-xxxxxx Maroc Telecom 2005-01-31
+212-677-xxxxxx 0677-xxxxxx Maroc Telecom 2005-06-13
+212-678-xxxxxx 0678-xxxxxx Maroc Telecom 2005-08-24
+212-679-xxxxxx 0679-xxxxxx Orange Maroc 2005-12-01
+212-7xxxxxxxx 07xxxxxxxx Mobile networks (GSM)
+212-8xxxxxxxx 08xxxxxxxx Special services
+212-80-xxxxxxx 080-xxxxxxx toll-free and shared-cost services
+212-89-xxxxxxx 089-xxxxxxx premium rate services
+212-8920-xxxxx 08920-xxxxx GlobalStar North Africa GMPCS (satellite network) 2005-01-27
+212-8921-xxxxx 08921-xxxxx GlobalStar North Africa GMPCS (satellite network) 2005-01-27
+212-8922-xxxxx 08922-xxxxx GlobalStar North Africa GMPCS (satellite network) 2005-01-27


1990 - Transition to 6-digit numbers[edit]

In 1990, 6-digit phone numbers were introduced.

199x - Transition from 6-digit to 7-digit numbers[edit]

2000 - Transition from 7-digit to 8-digit numbers[edit]

On 2000-10-13 at 23:00 UTC, the numbering area in Morocco was split into 5 parts by adding another digit to all area codes in Morocco.

2006 - Merger of 04 into 02 and 05 into 03[edit]

Six years later (2006-03-24 23:00 UTC), part of this split was reverted in order to make room for cellular networks. The 04 numbering area was merged into 02 and 05 was merged into 03, which caused 02 to cover the South while 03 covered the North. This could be done easily because there were no conflicts.

2009 - Transition from 8-digit to 9-digit numbers[edit]

On 2009-03-07 at 02:00 UTC, phone numbers in Morocco got another additional digit. A 5 was prepended to all fixed numbers while a 6 was prepended to mobile numbers. The 08 numbers became 080 and 09 became 089.

Geographic Area Before 2000-10-13 2000-10-13/2006-03-24 2006-03-24/2009-03-07 After 2009-03-07
Casablanca, Settat 0xxxxxxx 02xxxxxxx 02xxxxxxx 052xxxxxxx
Rabat, Tangier, Tetouan 0xxxxxxx 03xxxxxxx 03xxxxxxx 053xxxxxxx
Agadir, Marrakech 0xxxxxxx 04xxxxxxx 02xxxxxxx 052xxxxxxx
Fès, Meknès, Oujda 0xxxxxxx 05xxxxxxx 03xxxxxxx 053xxxxxxx
mobile networks 0xxxxxxx 06xxxxxxx 06xxxxxxx 066xxxxxxx
mobile networks 01xxxxxxx
mobile networks 04xxxxxxx
toll-free and shared cost services 08ab-cdef 08ab-0-cdef 08xxxxxxx 080xxxxxxx
premium rate services 92xxxx 09-292xxxx 09xxxxxxx 089xxxxxxx

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