Telephone numbers in Angola

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Angola telephone numbers
NSN length9
Access codes
Country calling code+244
International call prefix00
Trunk prefixnone

Telephone numbers in Angola are 9 digits long (except for special 1xx service numbers like Police and Emergency services),[1] and must always be dialed in their entirety. Land-line (fixed-line) numbers start with digit 2, followed by 1 or 2 digits area code that corresponds to a geographic area.[2] After the area code, there is the telecoms operator identifier, which consists of 1 digit, then the subscriber number. Mobile numbers have no geographic area, and they start with the operators identifier which currently are 91 and 92. (needs updating)

Calling formats[edit]

  • xxx xxx xxx Calls within Angola
  • +244 xxx xxx xxx Calls from outside Angola

The NSN length is nine digits.

List of area codes in Angola[edit]

Area Code Area/City
2 Luanda
31 Cabinda
32 Zaire
321 Soyo
33 Uíge
34 Bengo
348 Caxito
35 Kuanza Norte
358 N'Dalatando
36 Kuanza Sul
363 Sumbe
364 Porto Amboim
41 Huambo
48 Bie
485 Kuíto
49 Kuando Kubango
51 Malange
526 Dundo
53 Lunda Sul
535 Saurimo
54 Moxico
546 Luena
61 Huíla
612 Lubango
64 Moçâmedes
643 Tombua
65 Cunene
652 St. Clara/Cunene
655 Ondjiva
72 Benguela
722 Lobito
726 Bela Vista
728 Baía Farta
729 Catumbela
777 Dama Universal


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