Áedh Mór Ó Flaithbheartaigh

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Áedh Mór Ó Flaithbheartaigh (died 1236) was King of Iar Connacht.

Family background[edit]

The War of 1225[edit]

  • M1226.7. Donnell, the son of Rory O'Flaherty, was slain by the sons of Murtough O'Flaherty, after they and Felim, the son of Cathal Crovderg, had attacked and taken the house in which he was.

Dún Béal Gallimhe[edit]

Encastellation of West Connacht[edit]

Death and descendants[edit]

Preceded by
Murtough Ua Flaithbertaigh
King of Iar Connacht
Succeeded by
Morogh Ó Flaithbheartaigh

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