Águeda (river)

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River (Rio)
The confluence of the Águeda River and Douro as seen from Barca d'Alva
Countries  Portugal,  Spain
Part of Douro
Source Serra das Mesas
Length 130 km (81 mi)
Basin 2,537.08 km2 (980 sq mi)
 - average 197.2 m3/s (6,964 cu ft/s)

The Águeda is a river tributary of the Douro River, that springs from the Serra das Mesas in Spain, in the autonomous community of Castile and León. It flows 130 kilometres (81 mi) until it reaches the Douro River near Barca de Alva, Portugal. The Portugal–Spain border follows the Águeda for much of its course.

Coordinates: 41°1′42″N 6°55′52″W / 41.02833°N 6.93111°W / 41.02833; -6.93111

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