Ángel Ganivet

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Ángel Ganivet
1903-12-05, Blanco y Negro, Ángel Ganivet, Compañy (cropped).jpg
Born13 December 1865
Died29 November 1898
Occupationwriter and diplomat

Ángel Ganivet García (13 December 1865 in Granada, Spain – 29 November 1898 in Riga) was a Spanish writer and diplomat. He was considered a precursor to the Generation of '98.

On 29 November 1898, disillusioned in love, Ganivet drowned himself in the Daugava River. Nearly failing in his attempt, he was first rescued but managed to throw himself into the river again. Ganivet had contemplated suicide for several years, and he had suffered from progressive syphilitic paralysis.[1]

Some of his works[edit]

  • Granada la bella. (1896) (Granada the Beautiful)
  • Idearium español. (1897) (literally, Spanish Idearium, also translated as Spain, an Interpretation)
  • La conquista del reino de Maya, por el último conquistador español, Pío Cid (1897) (The Conquest of the Mayan Kingdom, by the Last Spanish Conqueror, Pío Cid)
  • Cartas finlandesas. (1898) (Finnish Letters, also translated into Finnish as Suomalaiskirjeitä)
  • El escultor de su alma. (1906) (The Sculptor of Your Soul)


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