Åland Football Association

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Åland Football Association
FA Åland Islands.png
Abbreviation ÅFF
Formation 1943
Headquarters Mariehamn
Tony Asumaa
Website http://www.fotboll.ax

The Åland Football Association (Swedish: Ålands Fotbollförbund) is the governing body of football on the Åland Islands. ÅFF is not a member of UEFA or FIFA, but is a member of the Football Association of Finland and has the status of a District Football Association. ÅFF also runs the Åland Islands official football team and Åland Islands women's team.


Åland Football Association was founded in 1943 and was originally called the Ålands Bolldistrikt. The Association currently has 12 member associations of which 11 are football clubs and one is the local referee association. They together have about 60 teams covering various ages groups. The number of registered players is currently approaching the 1000 mark.

Affiliated Members[edit]

The following clubs are affiliated to the ÅFF:

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