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Bishop of Selsey
See Diocese of Selsey
Appointed before 1011
Term ended circa 1031
Predecessor Ordbriht
Successor Æthelric I
Other posts Abbot of Tavistock
Personal details
Died circa 1031
Denomination Catholic

Ælfmær (died circa 1031) was an Anglo-Saxon Bishop of Selsey.


Perhaps previously a monk at Glastonbury Abbey and then abbot of Tavistock Abbey,[1] Ælfmær was Bishop of Selsey by 1011, and was dead by 1032, when his successor witnessed a charter of King Cnut. [2][3]

It is curious, however, that Ælfmær supposedly attested a charter of Cnut dated 1033.[4] The probable explanation is that Ælfmær witnessed the conveyance itself, which took place in 1032, but the charter recording the transaction was not prepared until 1033.[5]

According to the Handbook of British Chronology, Ælfmær became bishop between 1007 and 1011, and died about 1031.[6]


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Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
Bishop of Selsey
c.1009–c. 1031
Succeeded by
Æthelric I