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Édouard Vincent Joseph Dreyfus González de Orbegoso, 5th count of Premio Real (1876–1941) was a French Catholic businessman of Jewish descent, a lawyer, painter and writer, who was also an amateur composer under the pseudonym of Jean Dora.

Édouard's grandfather Édouard Dreyfus (1788-1866) was a Jewish shopkeeper in Wissembourg, who moved to Paris. His father, Auguste Dreyfus (1827-1897) had ventured to Peru where he became rich from trading in guano and converted to Catholicism.[1] He married twice, his first wife died in Peru, the second time, again in Peru, he married to Luisa María González de Orbegoso, Marquise of Villa Hermosa, who was the mother of Édouard. Édouard graduated as Bachelor of Law (1897), Bachelor of Maritime Law (1897), then Doctor of Law (1903).

He married on 16 March 1907, Anne-Hélène de Talleyrand-Périgrod (1877-1945) and had a son, Luis María Archibaldo, 6th count of Premio Real.


  • Young Japanese woman


  • Étude sur la condition juridique des artistes peintres en droit romain Paris, 1903


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  1. ^ Piers Paul Read The Dreyfus Affair 2012 Page 35 "Among his bêtes noires were not just Auguste Dreyfus, who had made a great fortune importing guano from Peru and embroiled the French state in his enterprises, but also the Radical journalist and Deputy Camille Dreyfus – at one time ..."