Élothach mac Fáelchon

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Élothach mac Fáelchon (died circa 734) was a king of the Uí Cheinnselaig of South Leinster. he was the grandson of a previous king Fáelán mac Síláin and was a member of the Síl Fáelchán sept of this branch of the Laigin.[1]


He is listed as the successor to Laidcnén mac Con Mella (died 727) in the king list in the Book of Leinster and given a reign of seven years which gives a possible date for his rule of 727-734.[2] However, his successor Áed mac Colggen (died 738) of the Sil Chormaic is active in the annals in 732 leading the forces of South Leinster versus Munster.[3] Élothach was defeated and slain at the Battle of Oenbethi by his successor Áed mac Colggen.[2]

He was the founder of a sept known as the Síl nÉladaig and gave their name to the barony of Shillelagh in County Wicklow.


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