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Éric Hérenguel (born 20 October 1966 in Douai) is a French comics artist and comic book creator.


Hérenguel made his debut in 1986 with the Jean-Pierre Croquet's short stories for Tintin magazine. When the Journal de Tintin publication ceased, he worked two years for a publicist. His work is clearly influenced by movies (mainly from the social science fiction). His first serie was Carnivores written by Jean Wacquet. He made the interior work on Ballade au bout du Monde (issues #5 to #8 and written by Makyo). After, he collaborated with Dieter on Les Mémoires d’Edward John Trelawnay, inspired by the real privateer Edward John Trelawny but in a science fiction universe with some fantasy elements. Then, in 1999, he created Krän ("crâne" means "skull" in French), a serie of fantasy comic books published in France by Vent d'Ouest as a series of graphic albums. The series is a parody of sword and sorcery stories and specifically of the role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons (Krän, the main character being a barbarian). Éric Hérenguel is currently working on the magazine Lanfeust with Kiliwatch.


1.  : Terry (1991)
2.  : Xiao (1993)
5.  : Ariane (1992)
6.  : A-Ka-Tha (1993)
7.  : La Voix des maîtres (1994)
8.  : Maharani (1995)
1.  : Le Voyage du Starkos (1997)
2.  : Princesse Zéla (1998)
3.  : L'Ultime Combat (1999)
1.  : Les Runes de Gartagueul (1999)
2.  : Le Walou Walou ancestral (2000)
3.  : Gare aux Garous (2001)
4.  : Le Grand Tournoi (2001)
5.  : L'Invasion des envahisseurs (2002)
6.  : L'Encyclopédie de Krän (2003)
7.  : La Princesse Viagra (2005), forbidden and halted printing because threatened by a legal action from the American company Pfizer (Viagra owner)
7.  : La Princesse de Mormoille
8.  : The Key Quête Quouest Ouane (2006)
1.  : Les enfants de l'Abîme