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Eric Canuel
OccupationFilm director
Years active1997 – present

Eric Canuel (born 1961) is a film director and actor from Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Eric Canuel (also credited in Quebec as Érik Canuel) began his career in the mid-1980s making music videos for such artists as Paul Piché, Sass Jordan, Norman Iceberg, Vilain Pingouin and Sylvain Cossette. After shooting a number of TV commercials, several of them award-winners, he worked as a director on the television series Big Wolf on Campus, for the Fox network, and The Hunger, broadcast on Showtime and The Movie Network.

In 2000, his Imax film Hemingway: A Portrait won a Genie Award for best short documentary, as well as the Maximum Image Award for best 2D film at the Miami Aventura Imax Days. Canuel also directed Matthew Blackheart: Monster Smasher in 2000, Pigs Law (La Loi du cochon) in 2001, Nez Rouge in 2003, Last Tunnel (Le Dernier Tunnel) - starring Michel Côté and Jean Lapointe - in 2004, The Outlander (Le Survenant) in 2005, and Bon Cop, Bad Cop in 2006, receiving numerous nominations and awards.

In 2010, Eric Canuel directed the episode "Fa la Erica" (season 3, ep. 11) of the TV series Being Erica.

Many of director Eric Canuel's productions contain a cameo appearance by Canuel.

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