Étang de Lers

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Étang de Lers
Etang de Lers1.jpg
Coordinates 42°48′27″N 1°22′40″E / 42.80750°N 1.37778°E / 42.80750; 1.37778Coordinates: 42°48′27″N 1°22′40″E / 42.80750°N 1.37778°E / 42.80750; 1.37778
Lake type Natural
Surface elevation 1,264 m (4,147 ft)

Étang de Lers or Lake of Lers is a natural lake in the Ariège department (France).


A Lherzolite from Lers.

Lherzolite, an ultramafic rock, has its type locality at Étang de Lers. The name is derived from the old spelling "Étang de Lherz".[1]


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