Ōmachi Ōji

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Ōmachi Ōji at Geba

Ōmachi Ōji (大町大路?) is the name of a street in Kamakura, Kanagawa, Japan, which begins at Geba Yotsukado and ends at the Nagoshi Pass.[1] It takes its name from the district of Ōmachi, which it crosses. At the time of the shogunate it was the most important road that went from east to west.[1] The entertainment and red-light district of the city used to be at the intersection between Komachi Ōji and Ōmachi Ōji.[1] The branch of the street that from the intersection goes in the opposite direction is called Yuigahama Ōdori (Yuigahama Avenue). On it stand temples like An'yō-in and Ankokuron-ji.


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Coordinates: 35°18′53.03″N 139°33′11.39″E / 35.3147306°N 139.5531639°E / 35.3147306; 139.5531639