Žan Marolt

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Žan Marolt
Born (1964-09-25)25 September 1964
Sarajevo, SR Bosnia and Herzegovina, Yugoslavia
Died 11 July 2009(2009-07-11) (aged 44)
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Žan Marolt (25 September 1964 – 11 July 2009) was an actor and TV personality from Bosnia and Herzegovina. He was a regular actor of the Chamber Theatre 55, he has made numerous roles in the theater, in plays such as Buba u uhu, Umri muški, Kidaj od svoje žene, Ujak Vanja and in numerous films and television shows.[1]

He played the last role in the Bosnian film The Abandoned (2010). He died in Sarajevo after a long and hard illness.[2]



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