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‡biblios.net cataloging page.
Screenshot of ‡biblios.net cataloging page.
Web address biblios.net
Slogan The world's largest database of freely-licensed library records.
Commercial? Yes
Type of site
Library Cataloging
Registration Required
Available in English
Owner LibLime
Launched January 19, 2009 (2009-01-19)
Alexa rank
negative increase 18,137,392 (April 2014)[1]

‡biblios.net is a free browser-based cataloging service with a data store containing over thirty-million records. Records are licensed under the Open Data Commons Public Domain Dedication and License, making the service the world's largest repository of freely-licensed library records. The service was created and is maintained by LibLime.


‡biblios.net (pronounced 'biblios dot net') features a metadata editor with templates, macros, authority auto-completion and embedded context-sensitive help. The central record repository contains 25-million bibliographic records and just under eight-million authority records. The data is maintained by ‡biblios.net users similar to the Wikipedia model. Catalogers can use and contribute to the database without restrictions because records in ‡biblios.net are freely-licensed under the Open Data Commons Public Domain Dedication and License.[2]

‡biblios.net also includes a built-in federated search system allowing catalogers to find records from any Z39.50 target. Additionally, there is a central Search Target Registry, seeded with over 2,000 Z39.50 servers, for catalogers to find, create and share Z39.50 targets.[3]

In addition to offering a traditional cataloging interface, ‡biblios.net offers social cataloging features. Built-in forums and private messaging make finding help and communicating with others possible within the software.


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