100 Rogues

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100 Rogues
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Developer(s) Dinofarm Games
Publisher(s) Fusion Reactions
Designer(s) Keith Burgun
Programmer(s) Wes Paugh
Artist(s) Blake Reynolds
Platform(s) Ouya, iOS
Release date(s) August 14, 2013 (Ouya)
May 4, 2010 (iOS)
Genre(s) Roguelike
Mode(s) Single-player

100 Rogues is a roguelike role-playing video game developed by Dinofarm Games and published by Fusion Reactions for iOS and Ouya.

In 100 Rogues, players take on the role of one of several avatars, and battle their way through a series of randomly generated dungeons in a quest to go kill Satan on the orders of the High Council of Mine Town. There are currently eleven playable characters. It is known for its full pixel-art animation, a Super Nintendo styled soundtrack, and its whimsical sense of humor.


100 Rogues is a turn-based game, in which you may normally only move one tile and attack once per turn. There is a priority to attacks however, so if you are adjacent to an enemy, and attempt to move away, they will attack first, otherwise, your character attacks first. Throughout the dungeons, there are treasure chests, which contain items, or occasionally, enemies. As well as surviving the creatures of the dungeons, you must make sure that you do not loiter too long on one floor, as throughout the game your belly decreases. It starts at 100 and decreases slowly. When it reaches zero you begin to lose one hitpoint per turn. You can refill your belly by eating food found in the levels, or by drinking a potion.


In 100 Rogues, there are two types of characters: normal ones and monster classes, which have unique skills but cannot equip items. The current playable characters are:

  • The Dinoman Bruiser - a tough, hard-hitting and heart class
  • The Fairy Wizard - a brooding, angsty Crystal magic user
  • The Human Crusader - a childlike paladin type character
  • The Skellyman Scoundrel - an evasive, backstabbing character

In addition, there are a number of "Monster Classes" available as in-app purchases:

  • The Tourist
  • The Dungeoneer
  • The White Knight
  • The Zombie
  • The Necromeister
  • The Mystic
  • The Rogue-Bot


100 Rogues was received very well, getting 4 or 5 stars from most reviewers.[1][2][3][4][5] Complaints were mostly focused on the stability of the game on release; several critics noted crashes or other bugs. Dinofarm Games made very quick attempts to fix these issues and some reviewers have since tempered their reviews.[1]


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