155 (Wessex) Transport Regiment (Volunteers)

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155 (Wessex) Transport Regiment, Royal Corps of Transport and Royal Logistics Corps, is a regiment in the United Kingdom's Territorial Army that was initially formed in 1967 - it was disbanded in 1993 and reformed in 2006.


The regiment was first formed in the Royal Corps of Transport in 1967,[1] when the Territorial Army was disbanded and a new smaller volunteer force was created, the Territorial and Army Volunteer Reserves (TAVR). It was disbanded in 1993.[2]

The regiment was re-formed in the Royal Logistics Corps in 2006, this time with a HQ squadron and three transport squadrons. It will disband under Army 2020, with 232 Transport Squadron re-roling to a Port Squadron and then moving to 5 165 (Wessex) Port and Enabling Regiment.[3]

In late 2014 155 Transport Regiment Royal Logistic Corps is being formed up with its implementation team in Plymouth and a new Squadron being raised in Bodmin[4]



  • Head Quarters Squadron
  • 232 Squadron
  • 233 Squadron
  • 245 Ambulance Squadron

2006 to date[edit]

  • 241 HQ Squadron
  • 232 Squadron
  • 233 Squadron
  • 245 Squadron


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