1936–37 St. Louis Soccer League

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The St. Louis league entered its 34th year headed by President Charles DeWitt. This season the league would play out of West Side Park. Four teams to play a doubleheader on Sundays as well as a midweek doubleheader under flood lights. Ben Millers withdrew from the league but was replaced by members of the Ben Millers Eddie Hart and Eddie McHugh. They were coached by McHugh but started the season with the name Harts. John Marre's team was called Town Criers and was coached by Tom Palmer. The Spanish Club continued under the sponsorship of Burke Undertakers. Phil Kavanaugh's team changed sponsorship from Hellrungs and Grimm to the Tom Burke Taverns and went by the name Club Lotus. Final league standings for the 1937-38 St. Louis Soccer League are below.

League standings[edit]

Place Team GP W L T GF GA Points
1 Burke's Undertakers 9 6 2 1 17 14 13
2 Lotus Club 9 4 4 1 17 16 9
3 Optimists 9 2 3 4 12 13 8
4 Town Criers 9 2 5 2 14 19 6

Top Goal Scorers[edit]

Rank Scorer Club GP G
1 "Red" Fleming Club Lotus 8
2 L. Menendez Burke's Undertakers 6
3 Bob Corbett St. Matthew's 5
Ed Flyn Optimists 5
5 Henry Diaz Burke's Undertakers 3
Joe Garcia Burke's Undertakers 3
Art Garcia Burke's Undertakers 3
John Worden Club Lotus 3
Bart Conners Optimists 3
Walsh Town Criers 3

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