1949 NCAA Men's Ice Hockey Tournament

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1949 NCAA Men's
Ice Hockey Tournament
Teams 4
Finals Site
Champions Boston College Eagles (1st title)
Runner-Up Dartmouth Indians (2nd title game)
Winning coach John "Snooks" Kelley (1st title)
MOP Dick Desmond Dartmouth
Attendance 9,700

The 1949 NCAA Men's Ice Hockey Tournament was the culmination of the 1948–49 NCAA men's ice hockey season, the 2nd such tournament in NCAA history. It was held between March 17 and 19, 1949, and concluded with Boston College defeating Dartmouth 4-3. All games were played at the Broadmoor Ice Palace in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

This is the first time that a consolation game was played in an NCAA tournament. The practice would continue unabated until it was abolished after the 1989 tournament.

All four teams selected for the tournament had played in the championship the previous season. This has only occurred one other time, in 1975, counting either all tournament entries or only the final four teams. (as of 2016)

Qualifying teams[1][edit]

Four teams qualified for the tournament, two each from the eastern and western regions. The teams were selected by a committee based upon both their overall record and the strength of their opponents.

East West
Seed School Conference Record Berth type Appearance Last bid Seed School Conference Record Berth type Appearance Last bid
1 Boston College Independent 19–1–0 At-Large 2nd 1948 1 Michigan Independent 19–1–3 At-Large 2nd 1948
2 Dartmouth Independent 16–5–0 At-Large 2nd 1948 2 Colorado College Independent 15–5–1 At-Large 2nd 1948


The eastern and western teams judged as better were seeded as the top regional teams. The second eastern seed was slotted to play the top western seed and vice versa. All games were played at the Broadmoor Ice Palace. All matches were Single-game eliminations with the semifinal winners advancing to the national championship game and the losers playing in a consolation game.


March 17–18
National Championship
March 19
E1 Boston College 7  
W2 Colorado College 3  
  E1 Boston College 4  
  E2 Dartmouth 3  
W1 Michigan 2
E2 Dartmouth 4     Third Place Game
  W1 Michigan 10
  W2 Colorado College 4

Note: * denotes overtime period(s)


Michigan vs. Dartmouth[edit]

Boston College vs. Colorado College[edit]

Consolation Game[edit]

Michigan vs. Colorado College[edit]

Championship Game[edit]

Boston College vs. Dartmouth[edit]

All-Tournament Team[3][edit]


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