1960–61 FIBA Women's European Champions Cup

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The 1960–61 Women's Basketball European Cup was the third edition of the competition. 1960 champion Daugava Riga beat Czechoslovakia's Slovan Orbis Prague in the final, becoming the first team to successfully defend their title.[1]

This edition marked the first appearance of Morocco, Portugal and Spain in the competition. Israel and Switzerland were scheduled to take part, but both teams retired before they could make their debut. Yugoslavia was a noted absence, while France's Paris UC also retired after beating the 1st Qualification Round.[2]

This edition saw the first match between two team from the same nation in the history of the competition, with a Daugava Riga – USK Tartu tie in the semifinals. Daugava and Tartu were respectively the champion and runner-up of the 1960 Soviet Championship.[3]

First Qualification round[edit]

Team #1 Agg. Team #2 1st leg 2nd leg
Picadero JC Spain 69 – 80 Morocco Casablanca SC 37–36 32–44
Academica Coimbra Portugal 39 – 144 France Paris UC 22–74 17–70

Second Qualification round[edit]

Team #1 Agg. Team #2 1st leg 2nd leg
Rapid București Romania 83 – 115 Poland Akademika Warsaw 39–38 44–77
Akademik Sofia Bulgaria Walkover Israel Maccabi Tel Aviv
Casablanca SC Morocco Walkover France Paris UC
Slovan Orbis Prague Czechoslovakia Walkover Switzerland Schen


Team #1 Agg. Team #2 1st leg 2nd leg
Daugava Riga Soviet Union Bye
USK Tartu Soviet Union 128 – 90 East Germany Chemie Halle 73–49 55–41
WBC Akademik Sofia Bulgaria 137 – 136 Poland Akademika Warsaw 77–69 60–67
Slovan Orbis Prague Czechoslovakia 136 – 68 Morocco Casablanca SC 80–42 56–26


Team #1 Agg. Team #2 1st leg 2nd leg
Daugava Riga Soviet Union 128 – 90 Soviet Union USK Tartu 73–49 55–41
Akademik Sofia Bulgaria 124 – 129 Czechoslovakia Slovan Orbis Prague 72–66 52–63


Team #1 Agg. Team #2 1st leg 2nd leg
Slovan Orbis Prague Czechoslovakia 110 – 148 Soviet Union Daugava Riga 77–76 OT 37–72


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