EgyptAir Flight 741

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EgyptAir Flight 741
Museum example of an Ilyushin Il-18
Accident summary
Date 29 January 1973
Summary Crash on approach
Site Kyrenia Mountain Range
Passengers 30
Crew 7
Injuries (non-fatal) 0
Fatalities 37
Survivors 0
Aircraft type Ilyushin Il-18D
Operator EgyptAir
Flight origin Cairo International Airport
Destination Nicosia International Airport

EgyptAir Flight 741 was a flight between Cairo International Airport and the now-defunct Nicosia International Airport that crashed on 29 January 1973. All 37 people on board died.[1] It was the fourth accident, and the third with fatalities, involving the newly established EgyptAir.[2]

The plane crashed in the Kyrenia mountain range in Cyprus on its descent while approaching the runway from the north. The resulting explosion, about 12 miles (19 km) from Nicosia airport, resulted in a fire which was put out by the Cypriot National Guard.[3] The turboprop hit the mountain at an altitude of 783 metres (2,569 ft) (117 metres (384 ft) below the crest).[4] The black box of the aircraft was analysed in Moscow.[5]

Passenger nationalities were: 14 Britons, 7 US citizens, 2 Swedes, 1 French, 3 Egyptians, 1 Jordanian, 1 Canadian, 1 Irish. All 7 members of the crew were Egyptian.


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