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The 1979 Challenge Cup Trophy

The 1979 Challenge Cup was a series of international ice hockey games between the Soviet Union national ice hockey team and a team of All-Stars from the National Hockey League. The games were played on February 8, 10, and 11 at Madison Square Garden in New York City. It replaced the NHL's all-star festivities for the 1978–79 NHL season. The Soviets defeated the NHL All-Stars 2 games to 1.

The team of All-Stars from the National Hockey League included 23 Canadians and 3 Swedish players. Bobby Orr commenting in the post-game interviews after Game 2, accidentally called the NHL All-Stars "Team Canada" (because of the amount of Canadians on the roster). The Challenge Cup, unlike its predecessor, the Summit Series, included non-Canadian born players in the NHL rosters.

The Soviets were accustomed to the wider European ice-rinks, but by the third game they had gotten used to the smaller Madison Square Garden rink. Instead of shooting the puck into offensive zone and chasing after it, the player with the puck played it sideways to a player skating from behind with speed. This way of entering the offensive zone was a typical sign of Russian ice hockey during the period from approximately 1965 until 1985. It didn't always work as it was supposed to.

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