1979 Rhein-Pokalrennen

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The 14th Rhein-Pokalrennen (Rhine-Cup Race), was the Round Eight of the 1979 European Championship for F2 Drivers. This was the second time F2 visited the Hockenheimring, during the 1979 season, with the race on 10 June.[1]



A total of 30 F2 cars were entered for the event, however just 24 took part in qualifying. As with previous F2 events at Hockenheim, the race would be run over two heats, and the result aggregated to decide the winner.[1]


Stephen South took pole position for the Project Four Racing – ICI Racing Team, in his March-BMW 792, for both Heats.[1]


The final was held over 40 laps of the Hockenheim Grand Prix circuit, split into two 20 lap heats. Stephen South took impressive lights-to-flag victories in both heats, for the Project Four Racing – ICI Racing Team, in their March-BMW 792. South won in an aggregated time of 1hr 20:56.57mins., averaging a speed of 126.004 mph. Second place went to his team-mate, Derek Daly. The best of the works March's was Beppe Gabbiani in third, ahead of Patrick Gaillard, Marc Surer and Bobby Rahal. Guest driver, Hans-Joachim Stuck had pushed South hard during Heat 1, before retiring with engine failure.[1]


Aggregate Results[edit]

Pos. No. Driver Entrant Car - Engine Time, Laps Reason Out
1st 8 United Kingdom Stephen South Project Four Racing – ICI Racing Team March-BMW 792 1hr 20:56.57
2nd 7 Republic of Ireland Derek Daly Project Four Racing – ICI Racing Team March-BMW 792 1hr 21:09.49
3rd 3 Italy Beppe Gabbiani Polifac BMW Junior Team March-BMW 792 1hr 21:34.21
4th 39 France Patrick Gaillard Chevron Cars Chevron-Hart B48 1hr 21:58.17
5th 1 Switzerland Marc Surer Polifac BMW Junior Team March-BMW 792 1hr 22:13.4
6th 6 United States Bobby Rahal Ampex Chevron Racing Team Chevron-Hart B48 1hr 22:26.08
7th 26 Austria Markus Höttinger Jägermeister Racing Team March-BMW 792 1hr 22:27.21
8th 21 United Kingdom Norman Dickson Dickson's of Perth March-Hart 792 1hr 23:35.74
9th 29 Austria Walter Raus Österreicher Automobil Sport Club March-BMW 792 39
NC 22 Sweden Eje Elgh Marlboro Team Tiga March-BMW 792 37
NC 4 Italy Teo Fabi March Racing Ltd March-BMW 792 34
NC 5 Argentina Juan Traverso March Racing Team (Bob Salisbury Racing) March-BMW 792 31
NC 11 Italy Alberto Colombo Sanremo Racing Srl March-BMW 782 30
NC 10 West Germany Hans-Joachim Stuck March Racing Ltd March-BMW 792 26
NC 23 Netherlands Huub Rothengatter Docking Spitzley Racing / Racing Team Holland Chevron-Hart B48 23
NC 19 Italy Siegfried Stohr Trivellato Racing Team March-BMW 792 21
NC 16 Argentina Miguel Ángel Guerra Racing Team Everest March-BMW 792 20
NC 12 Argentina Ariel Bakst Sanremo Racing Srl March-BMW 792 20
NC 77 United Kingdom Derek Warwick Team BP with Theodore Racing March-Hart 792 19
NC 14 United Kingdom Brian Henton Toleman Group Motorsport Ralt-Hart RT2 15
NC 9 United States Eddie Cheever Osella Squadra Corse SH Osella-BMW FA2/79 9
NC 45 Switzerland Eugen Strähl Lista Racing Team March-Hart 782 5
NC 15 South Africa Rad Dougall Toleman Group Motorsport Ralt-Hart RT2 1
DNS 27 West Germany Armin Hahne MM Mampe Team Maurer-BMW MM1 Piston

Heat 1[edit]

Pos. Driver Time, Laps Reason Out
1st South 40:25.61
2nd Daly 40:36.85
3rd Stuck 40:41.88
4th Surer 40:54.66
5th Gabbiani 40:55.15
6th Guerra 40:55.34
7th Stohr 41:09.50
8th Rahal 41:09.85
9th Gaillard 41:17.37
10th Höttinger 41:26.37
11th Dickson 41:36.87
12th Raus 41:46.79
13th Baskt 41:53.91
14th Traverso 42:00.58
15th Warwick 19
NC Elgh 17
NC Henton 15 Gearbox
NC Fabi 14 Throttle linkage
NC Colombo 10
DNF Cheever 9 Accident
DNF Strähl 3 Engine
DNF Rothengatter 3 Accident
DNF Dougall 1 Accident


Heat 2[edit]

Pos. Driver Time, Laps Reason Out
1st South 40:30.96
2nd Daly 40:32.64
3rd Gabbiani 40:39.06
4th Fabi 40:39.83
5th Elgh 40:40.24
6th Colombo 40:40.47
7th Gaillard 40:40.80
8th Höttinger 41:00.84
9th Rothengatter 41:05.61
10th Rahal 41:16.13
11th Surer 41:18.74
12th Dickson 41:58.87
13th Raus 19
DNF Traverso 11 Engine
DNF Stuck 6 Engine
DNF Stohr 1 Accident
DNF Warwick 0 Accident
DNF Cheever 0 Accident
DNF Baskt 0 Accident
DNF Guerra 0 Accident



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