1998 CFL Draft

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The 1998 CFL Draft took place on April 7, 1998.[1] 43 Canadian football players were chosen from among 490 eligible players from Canadian universities as well as Canadian players playing in the NCAA.[2]

Round one[edit]

= CFL Division All-Star = CFL All-Star = Hall of Famer
Pick # CFL Team Player Position College
1 Hamilton Tiger-Cats Tim Fleiszer DL Harvard
2 Toronto Argonauts (via Winnipeg) Dave Miller-Johnston P/K Concordia
3 BC Lions Steve Hardin T Oregon
4 Calgary Stampeders Marc Pilon LB Syracuse
5 Edmonton Eskimos Phillippe Girard DB Mount Allison
6 Montreal Alouettes Ben Cahoon WR Brigham Young
7 Saskatchewan Roughriders Curtis Galick DB British Columbia
Toronto Argonauts Forfeit Pick[3]

Round two[edit]

= CFL Division All-Star = CFL All-Star = Hall of Famer
Pick # CFL Team Player Position College
8 Saskatchewan Roughriders (via Hamilton) Ousmane Tounkara WR Ottawa
Toronto Argonauts (via Winnipeg) Forfeit Pick[3]
9 BC Lions Ryan Thelwell SB Minnesota
10 Calgary Stampeders Andre Arlain SB St. Francis Xavier
11 Edmonton Eskimos Samir Chahine G McGill
Montreal Alouettes Forfeit Pick[3]
12 Toronto Argonauts (via Saskatchewan) Roger Dunbrack DL Western Ontario
Toronto Argonauts Forfeit Pick[3]

Round three[edit]

= CFL Division All-Star = CFL All-Star = Hall of Famer
Pick # CFL Team Player Position College
13 Hamilton Tiger-Cats Devin Grant OL Utah
14 BC Lions (via Winnipeg) Matt Kellett K Saskatchewan
15 Montreal Alouettes (via Winnipeg via BC) Scott Flory OL Saskatchewan
16 Calgary Stampeders Harland Ah You DL Brigham Young
17 Edmonton Eskimos Scott Deibert RB Minot State
18 Montreal Alouettes William Loftus D Manitoba
19 Saskatchewan Roughriders Kevin Pressburger LB Waterloo
20 Toronto Argonauts Jermaine Brown RB Winona State

Round four[edit]

Pick # CFL Team Player Position College
21 Hamilton Tiger-Cats Tarek Jayoussi WR Calgary
22 Winnipeg Blue Bombers Garrett Sutherland LB Northern Illinois
23 Winnipeg Blue Bombers (via BC) Jean Daniel Roy DL Ottawa
24 Calgary Stampeders Aubrey Cummings WR Acadia
25 Edmonton Eskimos Chris Evraire SB Ottawa
26 Winnipeg Blue Bombers (via Montreal) Eddie Williams WR Southwest State
27 Saskatchewan Roughriders Jason Van Geel LB Waterloo
28 Toronto Argonauts Brian Mlachak K Calgary

Round five[edit]

Pick # CFL Team Player Position College
29 Hamilton Tiger-Cats Jeff Brown CB Acadia
30 BC Lions (via Winnipeg) Bernard Gravel DB Laval
31 BC Lions Francesco Pepe-Esposito LB Laval
32 Calgary Stampeders Gene Stahl RB Calgary
33 Edmonton Eskimos James Cooper OL British Columbia
34 Montreal Alouettes Daniel Lafontaine OL McGill
35 Toronto Argonauts (via Saskatchewan) Eric Shilts WR Toronto
Toronto Argonauts Forfeit Pick[3]

Round six[edit]

Pick # CFL Team Player Position College
36 Hamilton Tiger-Cats Benjie Hutchison DL British Columbia
37 Winnipeg Blue Bombers John Baunemann K Manitoba
38 Winnipeg Blue Bombers (via BC) Chad Vath LB Manitoba
39 Calgary Stampeders Jodi Bednarek LB Calgary
40 Edmonton Eskimos Adam Kossack OL Hastings College
41 Montreal Alouettes Kelly Ireland OL Saint Mary's
42 Saskatchewan Roughriders James Rapesse LB Saskatchewan
43 Toronto Argonauts Bill Mitoulas LB Notre Dame


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