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Alsou - 19.jpg
Studio album by Alsou
Released 2003
Genre Pop, folk
Label Universal Music Russia
Alsou chronology
Мне приснилась осень
(2002)Мне приснилась осень2002
Самое главное
(2008)Самое главное2008

19 is Alsou's fourth studio album, was released in Russia on January 23, 2003. This album includes songs in Russian and Tatar languages. Alsou wrote one of the songs. The album was very successful in Russia, with the sales of over 800,000 copies (by December 2003). To support this album, Alsou gave live performances during 2003 and 2004 in Russia, Tatarstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia, Israel and in many other countries. The tour was very successful as well.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Вчера (vchera) (yesterday)"  
2. "Первый раз (perviy raz) (first time)"  
3. "Я только звук в мелодии любви (ya tol`ko zvuk v melodii lubvi) (i'm the only sound in the melody of love)"  
4. "Всё равно (vse ravno) (don't care)"  
5. "Там (tam) (there)"  
6. "Первый снег (perviy sneg) (first snow)"  
7. "Город под зонтом (gorod pod zontom) (city under umbrella)"  
8. "Эткей (etkey) (papa) (father)"  
9. "Заброшенный лес zabroshenn`iy les) (deserted woods) (forest)"  
10. "Летящаая над облаками (letyasaaya nad oblakami) (flying over the clouds)"  
11. "Ангел (angel)"  
Bonus tracks in the limited edition
No. Title Length
12. "Мечты (mecht`i)(dreams)" (mixed by Pit Baumgarther)  
13. "Всё равно" (dance mix)  
14. "Вчера" (dance mix by Sergio Galoyan)  

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