1N58xx Schottky diodes

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A schematic symbol for Schottky diodes
1N5822 Schottky diode with cut-open packaging. The semiconductor in the center makes a Schottky barrier against one metal electrode (providing rectifying action) and an ohmic contact with the other electrode.
SS14 schottky diode in DO-214AC (SMA) (SOD-106) surface-mount package version of 1N5819[1]

The 1N58xx is a series of medium power, fast, low voltage Schottky diodes, which consists of part number numbers 1N5817 through 1N5825.[2][3][4]


The 1N581x are typically packaged in the DO-41 axial through-hole case, and in many cases are interchangeable with the 1N4001 series. The 1N582x are typically packaged in the DO-201AD through-hole case, and in many cases are interchangeable with the 1N54xx series.

Being Schottky diodes, the 1N58xx parts have roughly half the forward voltage drop of the 1N400x/1N540x series diodes, which improves efficiency in applications where they are usually forward-biased, such as power converters. The cost is a lower voltage rating and higher reverse leakage (approximately 1 mA at room temperature and increasing with temperature).

Common surface-mount relatives of the 1N58xx series are the SS1x and SS3x series, such the SS14 (1 ampere) and SS34 (3 ampere) surface-mount parts.[5][6]

Diode part numbers
Voltage Thru-hole Surface-mount
1 Amp
3 Amp
5 Amp
1 Amp
3 Amp
5 Amp
20 Volt 1N5817 1N5820 1N5823 SS12 SS32 SS52
30 Volt 1N5818 1N5821 1N5824 SS13 SS33 SS53
40 Volt 1N5819 1N5822 1N5825 SS14 SS34 SS54
50 Volt SS15 SS35
60 Volt SS16 SS36
80 Volt SS18 SS38
100 Volt SS110 SS310

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