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1in.am Armenian News & Analyses
1in news and.png
Logo of 1in.am, written First Informative in Armenian
Type of site
Online Newspaper
Available in Armenian
Slogan(s) Առաջին լրատվական
(Armenian trade name)
Website 1in.am
Alexa rank 34,909 (January 2013)[1]
Current status Active

1in.am Armenian News and Analyses (Armenian: Առաջին լրատվական Arajin Lratvakan, meaning "First informative"), or simply 1in.am is an Armenian website with hosting based in Moscow.[2] It is an online newspaper, that covers local and world news and information, has divisions for Armenia, Caucasus, world, press, business and sports (last two in Armenian only). 1in.am is available in three languages, Armenian, Russian and English. As of January 2013 it is the 19th most visited website in Armenia[1] and has about 38,000 visitors daily.[2]


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