2001 NBDL Draft

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2001 NBDL draft
General information
Date(s) November 1, 2001
Location Suwanee, Georgia
First selection Chris Andersen, Fayetteville Patriots
NBDL draft
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The 2001 NBDL Draft was the inaugural draft of the National Basketball Development League (NBDL), which was later renamed the NBA Development League (NBADL). The draft was held on November 1, 2001[1] before the 2001–02 season. In this draft, the league's eight charter teams took turns selecting players who had all competed at the college level in the United States at some point.

Chris Andersen of Blinn Community College (Brenham, Texas) was the first overall selection and was taken by Fayetteville Patriots.[1] Consequently, this makes him the first-ever selection in the history of the NBADL. The first non-American selected was Gabe Muoneke, a Nigerian who was the fourth overall pick by the Columbus Riverdragons. Eight nations in all were represented in the 2001 NBDL Draft, with the most being the United States (87) followed by Senegal (3). No players selected in this draft have ever been named an NBA D-League All-Star, largely because the annual contest did not come into existence until the 2006–07 season.[2] Two league award winners were taken in this draft, however: Fred House of the North Charleston Lowgators (46th overall) was named the 2001–02 NBDL Rookie of the Year, while Jeff Myers of the Greenville Groove (67th overall) was tabbed the Defensive Player of the Year.[3][4] Four players were also NBA Draft selections: DeeAndre Hulett, Mark Karcher and Jaquay Walls were all picked in the 2000 NBA Draft,[5] while Kris Bruton was picked in 1994.[6]

Although some of the players chosen in the 2001 NBDL Draft had played semi-professional and/or professional basketball after college graduation, only the United States colleges they attended are listed.


Pos. G F C
Position Guard Forward Center
^ Denotes player who has been selected to (an) NBA Development League All-Star Game(s)
* Denotes player who has been selected to (an) NBA Development League All-Star Game(s)
and was also selected in an NBA Draft
Denotes player who was also selected in an NBA Draft


Round Pick Player Position Nationality Team College Year graduated
1 1 Andersen, ChrisChris Andersen F/C  United States Fayetteville Patriots Blinn CC (Brenham, TX) 1999
1 2 Roberson, TerranceTerrance Roberson G/F  United States Huntsville Flight Fresno State 2000
1 3 Lockhart, RahimRahim Lockhart F  United States Greenville Groove Mississippi 2001
1 4 Muoneke, GabeGabe Muoneke F  Nigeria Columbus Riverdragons Texas 2000
1 5 Hemsley, JohnnyJohnny Hemsley G  United States Asheville Altitude Miami (FL) 2000
1 6 Edwards, NeilNeil Edwards C  United States North Charleston Lowgators York 2000
1 7 Phillips, RashadRashad Phillips G  United States Mobile Revelers Detroit 2001
1 8 Griffin, ArtieArtie Griffin G  United States Roanoke Dazzle Alabama 1995
2 9 Johns, DarrellDarrell Johns C  United States Fayetteville Patriots Chicago State 2001
2 10 Harrell, LonnieLonnie Harrell G/F  United States Huntsville Flight Northeastern 1996
2 11 Daniels, EdEd Daniels G  United States Greenville Groove TCU 2001
2 12 Poole, KareemKareem Poole C  United States Columbus Riverdragons Tyler CC (Tyler, TX) 1999
2 13 Tate, JermaineJermaine Tate F/C  United States Asheville Altitude Cincinnati 2000
2 14 Black, C. J.C. J. Black F/C  United States North Charleston Lowgators Tennessee 2000
2 15 Sheppard, NickNick Sheppard C  United States Mobile Revelers Pepperdine 2000
2 16 Phillips, MarshallMarshall Phillips G/F  United States Roanoke Dazzle Appalachian State 2000
3 17 Wardle, BrianBrian Wardle G  United States Fayetteville Patriots Marquette 2001
3 18 Jackson, JohnJohn Jackson F  United States Huntsville Flight Mississippi 1998
3 19 Hulett, DeeAndreDeeAndre Hulett G/F  United States Greenville Groove College of the Sequoias 2000
3 20 Starks, StephenStephen Starks G  United States Columbus Riverdragons Drexel 2001
3 21 Brown, Sah-U-RaSah-U-Ra Brown C  United States Asheville Altitude Lehigh 2001
3 22 Brown, JoeJoe Brown G/F  United States North Charleston Lowgators Coppin State 2000
3 23 Crosby, ChrisChris Crosby F  United States Mobile Revelers Washington State 2001
3 24 Thomas, CarlCarl Thomas G/F  United States Roanoke Dazzle College of Charleston 1999
4 25 Salahuddin, RasulRasul Salahuddin G  United States Fayetteville Patriots Long Beach State 1996
4 26 Veal, JeremyJeremy Veal G  United States Huntsville Flight Arizona State 1998
4 27 Diene, PatePate Diene C  Senegal Greenville Groove Texas A&M–Corpus Christi 2001
4 28 Arceneaux, HaroldHarold Arceneaux F  United States Columbus Riverdragons Weber State 2000
4 29 Rolle, TroyTroy Rolle G  United States Asheville Altitude Utah State 2000
4 30 Bacon, ChrisChris Bacon F  United States North Charleston Lowgators Nicholls State 2001
4 31 Edgerson, EugeneEugene Edgerson F  United States Mobile Revelers Arizona 2001
4 32 Zepernick, KeilKeil Zepernick F/C  United States Roanoke Dazzle Barton County CC (Great Bend, KS) 1999
5 33 Aubrey, JeffJeff Aubrey C  United States Fayetteville Patriots Cornell 1999
5 34 Niang, MohamedMohamed Niang C  Senegal Huntsville Flight Delaware 1999
5 35 Christie, TonyTony Christie F  United States Greenville Groove Clemson 1999
5 36 Griffin, AllenAllen Griffin G  United States Columbus Riverdragons Syracuse 2001
5 37 Blakes, AnthonyAnthony Blakes G  United States Asheville Altitude Wyoming 2000
5 38 Archie, TezaleTezale Archie G  United States North Charleston Lowgators Pepperdine 2000
5 39 Hart, SteveSteve Hart G  United States Mobile Revelers Indiana State 1998
5 40 Fall, CheikhCheikh Fall C  Senegal Roanoke Dazzle Long Island 1999
6 41 Stempin, GregGreg Stempin G/F  United States Fayetteville Patriots Toledo 2001
6 42 Ellis, TyroneTyrone Ellis G  United States
Huntsville Flight Southern Nazarene 2001
6 43 Coley, EricEric Coley G  United States Greenville Groove Tulsa 2000
6 44 Phillips, JohnnyJohnny Phillips F  United States Columbus Riverdragons Texas Tech 2001
6 45 McClain, SergioSergio McClain G  United States Asheville Altitude Illinois 2001
6 46 House, FredFred House G  United States North Charleston Lowgators Southern Utah 2001
6 47 Ricardo, OsirisOsiris Ricardo C  Dominican Republic Mobile Revelers Missouri Southern State 2000
6 48 Wilson, LeeLee Wilson C  United States Roanoke Dazzle Arkansas 1997
7 49 Haywood, CurtisCurtis Haywood G/F  United States Fayetteville Patriots Oklahoma City 1999
7 50 Richardson, AlbertAlbert Richardson F  United States Huntsville Flight Kentucky Wesleyan 1999
7 51 Decker, TateTate Decker F/C  United States Greenville Groove Oklahoma City 2001
7 52 Johnson, NateNate Johnson F  United States Columbus Riverdragons Louisville 2000
7 53 Johnson, LorenzoLorenzo Johnson F  United States Asheville Altitude Colorado State 1998
7 54 Clay, LutherLuther Clay F  United States North Charleston Lowgators Rhode Island 2000
7 55 Jones, BrianBrian Jones G  United States Mobile Revelers Santa Clara 2001
7 56 Rush, JaronJaron Rush F  United States Roanoke Dazzle UCLA 2000
8 57 White, JoeJoe White F  United States Fayetteville Patriots Texas A&M 1999
8 58 Hunter, JimmieJimmie Hunter G  United States Huntsville Flight Life University 2000
8 59 Karcher, MarkMark Karcher G  United States Greenville Groove Temple 2000
8 60 Tanner, DeaundraDeaundra Tanner G  United States Columbus Riverdragons Oregon State 2001
8 61 Reafsnyder, J. B.J. B. Reafsnyder C  United States Asheville Altitude Syracuse 1996
8 62 Avila, VictorVictor Avila F/C  Mexico North Charleston Lowgators Oklahoma 2000
8 63 Barksdale, AlanAlan Barksdale G  United States Mobile Revelers Arkansas–Little Rock 2001
8 64 Jackson, CorneliusCornelius Jackson G  United States Roanoke Dazzle Marshall 2001
9 65 King, MikeMike King G  United States Fayetteville Patriots George Washington 2001
9 66 D'Awol, DengDeng D'Awol C  Tanzania Huntsville Flight Wayland Baptist 2001
9 67 Myers, JeffJeff Myers G  United States Greenville Groove Drexel 1997
9 68 Reese, GeorgeGeorge Reese F  United States Columbus Riverdragons Ohio State 2000
9 69 Tarrant, CoreyCorey Tarrant G  United States Asheville Altitude Eastern Michigan 2000
9 70 Carlisle, DonDon Carlisle F  United States North Charleston Lowgators IUPUI 2001
9 71 Linton, MauriceMaurice Linton F  United States Mobile Revelers Wisconsin 2001
9 72 Goodwyn, CeedricCeedric Goodwyn F  United States Roanoke Dazzle Colorado State 2000
10 73 Kisner, TimTim Kisner G  United States Fayetteville Patriots Central Michigan 2001
10 74 Craft, WalterWalter Craft C  United States Huntsville Flight Detroit 2001
10 75 Bruton, KrisKris Bruton G/F  United States Greenville Groove Benedict College 1994
10 76 Fishback, DaymeonDaymeon Fishback G/F  United States Columbus Riverdragons Auburn 1999
10 77 Walls, JaquayJaquay Walls G  United States Asheville Altitude Colorado 2000
10 78 Whitlock, TessTess Whitlock G  United States North Charleston Lowgators Hawaiʻi 1997
10 79 Gregory, KennyKenny Gregory G  United States Mobile Revelers Kansas 2001
10 80 Hathaway, CharlesCharles Hathaway C  United States Roanoke Dazzle Tennessee 2001
11 81 Morning, RodneyRodney Morning C  United States Fayetteville Patriots Fayetteville State 2001
11 82 McGinnis, CedricCedric McGinnis F  United States Huntsville Flight Georgia Southern 1999
11 83 Griffin, RobRob Griffin G/F  United States Greenville Groove Iowa 2001
11 84 Vlijter, RineoRineo Vlijter C  Suriname Columbus Riverdragons Saint Ambrose 2001
11 85 Boese, JeffJeff Boese F  United States Asheville Altitude Mesa State 2001
11 86 Canady, MichaelMichael Canady C  United States North Charleston Lowgators Morgan State 2001
11 87 Skaer, JasonJason Skaer G/F  United States Mobile Revelers Rice 1999
11 88 Shields, ClaytonClayton Shields SF  United States Roanoke Dazzle New Mexico 2001
12 89 Johnson, EdwardEdward Johnson F  United States Fayetteville Patriots Utah 1993
12 90 Brower, JeffJeff Brower G  United States Huntsville Flight Lander University 2000
12 91 Long, ShenardShenard Long G  United States Greenville Groove Georgia State 2001
12 92 Warrick, FredFred Warrick G  United States Columbus Riverdragons Coppin State 1999
12 93 Melson, KevinKevin Melson G/F  United States Asheville Altitude Wright State 2001
12 94 Jones, AnthonyAnthony Jones G  United States North Charleston Lowgators Ohio 1999
12 95 Wilks, MikeMike Wilks G  United States Mobile Revelers Rice 2001
12 96 Sellers, TerryTerry Sellers C  United States Roanoke Dazzle Iona 2001

^ a: Tyrone Ellis has become a naturalized citizen of Georgia since the 2001 NBDL Draft.[7]

All information summarised in this table comes from the NBA draft announcement[1] except the nationalities.


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