2002 UEFA Women's Cup Final

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2002 UEFA Women's Cup Final
Event 2001–02 UEFA Women's Cup
Date 23 May 2002
Venue Waldstadion, Frankfurt
Referee Kateriina Elorvita (Finland)
Attendance 12,106

The 2002 UEFA Women's Cup Final was a football match that took place on 23 May 2002 at the Waldstadion, Frankfurt between Umeå IK of Sweden and 1. FFC Frankfurt of Germany. Frankfurt won the single leg final 2–0. It was the only final of the Women's Cup to not be contested over two legs. The attendance of over 12,000 set a new European record for women's club competition at the time.



23 May 2002
18:00 CEST
Umeå Sweden 0–2 Germany Frankfurt
Report Jones Goal 68'
Prinz Goal 90'
Waldstadion, Frankfurt
Attendance: 12,106
Referee: Kateriina Elorvita (Finland)
GK 1 Netherlands Marleen Wissink
DF 2 Germany Sandra Minnert
DF 3 Denmark Louise Hansen Substituted off 86'
DF 20 Germany Jutta Nardenbach
DF 22 Germany Steffi Jones
MF 4 Germany Nia Künzer
MF 9 Germany Birgit Prinz (c) Substituted off 90'
MF 11 Germany Katrin Kliehm Substituted off 78'
FW 7 Germany Pia Wunderlich
FW 8 Germany Tina Wunderlich
FW 10 Germany Renate Lingor
GK 16 Germany Barbara Legrand
GK 21 Germany Ursula Holl
DF 12 Germany Bianca Rech Substituted in 86'
DF 13 Germany Mira Krummenauer
MF 17 Germany Judith Affeld Substituted in 90'
FW 15 Germany Jennifer Meier Substituted in 78'
Germany Monika Staab
GK 1 Sweden Sofia Lundgren
DF 2 Sweden Anna Paulson
DF 4 Sweden Hanna Marklund
DF 5 Sweden Maria Bergkvist Booked 40'
DF 13 Sweden Sofia Eriksson
DF 18 Sweden Linda Dahlqvist
MF 3 Sweden Marlene Sjöberg
MF 6 Sweden Malin Moström (c)
MF 9 Sweden Anna Sjöström
MF 11 Sweden Lotta Runesson Substituted off 75'
FW 8 Sweden Terese Kapstad Substituted off 80'
GK 20 Sweden Ulrika Karlsson
FW 7 Sweden Maria Nordbrandt Substituted in 75'
FW 16 Sweden Emma Lindqvist Substituted in 80'
Sweden Richard Holmlund

Assistant referees:
Finland Eivor Lehtiheimo (Finland)
Finland Kirsi Savolainen (Finland)
Fourth official:
Finland Anri Hänninen (Finland)

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