2004 AFL Women's National Championships

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2004 AFL Women's National Championships
Host South Australia
States 8
Winners Victoria-Senior
Runner-up Western Australia
3rd Place Queensland
120 - 10

The 2004 AFL Women's National Championships took place in Adelaide, South Australia, Australia. The tournament began on 19 June and ended on 24 June 2004. The 2004 tournament was the 13th Championship. The Senior-vics of Victoria won the 2004 Championship, defeating the U19-vics of Victoria in the final. It was Victoria's 13th consecutive title.


  1. Victoria Victoria-Senior
  2. Flag of Western Australia.svg Western Australia
  3. Flag of Queensland.svg Queensland
  4. Flag of the Northern Territory.svg Northern Territory
  5. Flag of the Australian Capital Territory.svg Australian Capital Territory
  6. Flag of South Australia.svg South Australia
  7. Flag of New South Wales.svg New South Wales
  8. Australian Defence Force

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