2004 Cupa României Final

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2004 Cupa României Final
Event 2003–04 Cupa României
Date 6 June 2004
Venue Stadionul Cotroceni, Bucharest
Referee Cristian Balaj (Romania)
Attendance 10,000

The 2004 Cupa României Final was the 66th final of Romania's most prestigious cup competition. The final was played at the Stadionul Cotroceni in Bucharest on 6 June 2004 and was contested between Divizia A sides Dinamo Bucureşti and Oţelul Galaţi. The cup was won by Dinamo.

Route to the final[edit]

FC Dinamo Bucureşti

Round of 32 Inter Gaz Bucureşti 2–5 Dinamo Bucureşti
Round of 16 Dinamo Bucureşti 5–1 CS Otopeni
Quarter-finals 1st Leg Dinamo Bucureşti 7–0 Petrolul Ploieşti
Quarter-finals 2nd Leg Petrolul Ploieşti 1–2 Dinamo Bucureşti
Semi-finals 1st Leg Argeş Piteşti 1–0 Dinamo Bucureşti
Semi-finals 2nd Leg Dinamo Bucureşti 2–0 Argeş Piteşti

FC Oțelul Galați

Round of 32 Laminorul Roman 0–2 Oțelul Galați
Round of 16 Naţional Bucureşti 2–3 (aet, gg) Oțelul Galați
Quarter-finals 1st Leg Oţelul Galaţi 2–0 Rapid Bucureşti
Quarter-finals 2nd Leg Rapid Bucureşti 1–0 Oțelul Galați
Semi-finals 1st Leg Gloria Bistriţa 0–1 Oțelul Galați
Semi-finals 2nd Leg Oțelul Galați 4–0 Gloria Bistriţa

Match details [1][edit]

Dinamo Bucureşti
Oțelul Galați
GK 23 Romania Cristian Munteanu
DF 24 Romania Cosmin Bărcăuan YC 19'
DF 6 Romania Angelo Alistar YC 45' Substituted off 90'
DF 16 Romania Adrian Iordache
MF 8 Romania Florentin Petre (c)
MF 21 Romania Ionuţ Badea Substituted off 55'
MF 5 Romania Dan Alexa YC 40'
MF 25 Romania Iulian Tameş
MF 3 Romania Dorin Semeghin YC 79'
FW 9 Romania Claudiu Niculescu Substituted off 91'
FW 20 Romania Ştefan Grigorie
GK 12 Romania Ştefan Preda
DF 4 Romania Ovidiu Burcă Substituted in 90'
DF 2 Romania Liviu Ciobotariu
DF 27 Romania Szabolcs Perenyi
MF 16 Romania Vlad Munteanu Substituted in 55'
MF 17 Romania Leonard Naidin
FW 22 Romania Cristian Cigan Substituted in 91'
Romania Ioan Andone
GK 22 Romania Cornel Cernea
DF 21 Romania Cornel Dobre YC 63'
DF 25 Romania Daniel Munteanu
DF 5 Romania Gheorghe Rohat
DF 24 Romania Sorin Ghionea (c)
DF 4 Romania Ştefan Nanu
MF 6 Romania Cosmin Mărginean
MF 8 Romania Ciprian Danciu Substituted off 41'
MF 23 Romania Iulian Apostol Substituted off 60'
FW 9 Romania Bogdan Aldea YC 54'
FW 26 Romania Dănuţ Oprea Substituted off 70'
GK 12 Romania Mihai Barbu
LB 16 Romania Ionuț Dragomir
DF 20 Romania Decebal Gheară Substituted in 41'
DF 15 Romania Silviu Izvoranu
MF 7 Romania Augustin Călin YC 64' Substituted in 60'
FW 13 Romania Mircea Ilie Substituted in 70'
FW 19 Romania Cristian Negru
Romania Sorin Cârţu




  • 90 minutes.
  • 30 minutes extra-time (15 minute intervals)
  • Penalty shoot-out if scores level after extra time.
  • Seven named substitutes
  • Maximum of 3 substitutions.


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