2004 Euro Beach Soccer Cup

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2004 Euro Beach Soccer Cup
Tournament details
Host country Portugal
Dates 27 June - 29 June 2004
Teams 8 (from 1 confederation)
Venue(s) 1 (in 1 host city)
Final positions
Champions  Portugal (5th title)
Runners-up  Spain
Third place  Italy
Fourth place  France
Tournament statistics
Matches played 12
Goals scored 149 (12.42 per match)

The 2004 Euro Beach Soccer Cup was the sixth Euro Beach Soccer Cup, one of Europe's two major beach soccer championships at the time, held in June 2004, in Lisbon, Portugal. Hosts Portugal won the championship, claiming their fourth successive title and fifth overall, with Spain finishing second. Italy beat France in the third place play off to finish third and fourth respectively.

Eight teams participated in the tournament who played in a straightforward knockout tournament, starting with the quarter finals, with extra matches deciding the nations who finished in fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth place.[1]

Participating nations[edit]


Main tournament[edit]

Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final
27 June 2004        
  France  8
28 June 2004
  Belgium  4  
  France  7
27 June 2004
    Portugal  12  
  Portugal  14
29 June 2004
  Norway  3  
  Portugal  8
27 June 2004
    Spain  3
  Italy (a.e.t.)  6
28 June 2004
   Switzerland  5  
  Italy  3 Third place
27 June 2004
    Spain  11  
  Spain  7   Italy (pen.)[2]  9 (4)
  England  2     France  9 (3)
29 June 2004

Fifth to eighth place deciding matches[edit]

The following matches took place between the losing nations in the quarter finals to determine the final standings of the nations finishing in fifth to eighth place. The semi finals took place on the same day of the semi finals of the main tournament and the play offs took place on the day of the final.

  Fifth to eighth place semi finals     Fifth place play off
  QF1  Belgium 9  
  QF3  Norway 10    
       England 4
       Norway 3
  QF2   Switzerland 1    
  QF4  England 2   Seventh place play off
 Belgium 5
    Switzerland 4


 2004 Euro Beach Soccer Cup

Fifth title

Final standings[edit]

Rank Team
1  Portugal
2  Spain
3  Italy
4  France
5  England
6  Norway
7  Belgium
8   Switzerland