2006 New York Underground Film Festival

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These are the films shown at the 13th New York Underground Film Festival, held from March 8–14, 2006

Film Name Director Type Length Notes
A Short Film Kelsey Kleiman Short Video 2:19
America's Biggest Dick Bryan Boyce 3:00
Animal Mother Jasmin Way Documentary Video 28:20
Ariel Pink: Bloody Bagonias Nicolas Amato :30
Ariel Pink: Beverly Kills Nicolas Amato 2:15
Around Sanford Jeff Erbach Short 16mm 10:30
August in the Empire State Gabriel Rhodes, Keefe Murren, co-directed by Michael Galinsky Documentary Video 70:00 World Premiere
b-alles Marina Gioti Experimental Video 2:00
BARR: Lights Out Donovan Vim Crony
Battle of the Child Molesters Ivan Van Norman Short Video 5:02
Because of the War Jennet Thomas Experimental Video 13:30
Ben Coonley James Fotopoulos Experimental Video 4:47
Binge Drinking Anonymous Documentary Video 5:00
Black Mountain: Druganaut Heather Trawick
Blockade Sergei Loznitsa Experimental 35 mm on Video 50:00
Bobby Birdman: Steal Yr Face Jona Bechtolt 3:30
Bonus: Tone Trad Jamie Potter
Buffalo Common Bill Brown 23:00
Bulldog in the Whitehouse Todd Verow Feature Video 80:00
Casiotone for the Painfully Alone: The Subway Home David Enos, Paul Stepahin
Chapters 1-12 of R. Kelly's Trapped in the Closet Synced and Played Simultaneously Michael Bell-Smith Experimental Video 4:27
Cinnamon Kevin Everson Feature Video 71:00 East Coast Premiere
Comets on Fire: Beneath the Ice Age Elise Irving
Commercial Gustáv Hámos Experimental Video 9:00
Corpses of Waco (Indian Jewelry): In Love with Loving
Cot Damn Njena Jarvis Short Video 4:00
Cox and Combs Brad Neely Animation Videdo 2:25
Crazy Girl Jesper Nordahl Documentary Video 11:70
Crime in Choir: The Hoop Tim Miller 4:00
Dangerous Men John Rad Feature 35mm 80:00 New York Premiere
Danielson: A Family Movie JL Aronson Documentary Video 105:00 New York Premiere
Day Is Done (Extracurricular Activity Projective Reconstructions #2- #32) Mike Kelley Feature Video 180:00 World Theatrical Premiere
Deerhoof: Wrong Time Capsule Martha Colburn
Dialogue #3 (That's not for me to say) Ruth Maclennan Experimental Video 11:00
dirtyglitter 1: Damien Aron Kantor Narrative Video 14:00
Drosophilia Ruth Maclennan Animation Video 4:00
Dynasty Handbag: I Can't Wait Jibz Cameron, Sue Costibile, Indra Dunis
Eats Tapes: Pteryd Nate Boyce
Faith N Chaos Robert Banks Experimental 35mm 2:30
Fever Dream Programmed by Rebecca Cleman
Frisbee: The Life and Death of a Hippie Preacher David Di Sabatino Documentary Video 105:00 East Coast Premiere
Full Effect Jeremy Bailey Experimental Video 2:20
Get OVER It, Honey Flavio Flaviani Animation Video 10:00
Getting Stronger Everyday Miranda July 7:00
Glitches, Hitches, and Hiccups 2 Susan Giles Experimental Video 2:58
Good Times: Vol. 1 Ken Hegan Short 35mm 3:05
Hot Throbbing Cock Tung-Wang Wu Short Video 15:00
Hymn of Reckoning Kent Lambert Experimental Video 7:00
I Went to Work Today, I Don't Think I'll Go Tomorrow Julia Klaering and Nils Olger Narrative Video 9:00
If You See Something, Say Something Josh Safdie Short Video 3:30
Interkosmos Jim Finn Feature 16 mm on Video 71:00 US Premiere
Intersecticide Tara Mateik Experimental Video 7:03
Invertisement #1 Bryan Boyce Experimental Video 0:41
It Was a Crushing Defeat Matt McCormick
Johnny Jimmy Joe Michael Lucid and Amanda Barrett Short Video 1:00
Killing Babyface John Skoog Experimental Video 2:30
Lay Down Tracks Brigid McCaffrey and Danielle Lombardi Documentary 16mm 60:00 World Premiere
Let Me Count the Ways: Minus 10, 9, 8, 7... Leslie Thornton Experimental Video 19:40
Let's Get It On Kirsten Stoltmann Experimental Video 6:00
Little Spirits Cecelia Condit Short Video 8:30
Mae Shi: Chop2 David Park 1:00
Making Me Happy Shiri Bar-On Documentary Video 9:20
Malibu Mark Ther Short Video 3:42
Mark Roth Animal Charm 5:00
Miss Krimi Mark Ther Experimental Video 5:30
Mister Warning C.C. and B.N. Short Video 2:30
Mom & Pop Shop Robert Todd and Michael Dwyer Documentary Video 41:00
Momma's Boy John Bryant Narrative 16:03
N Judah 5:30 Sam Green 4:00
No Bra "Munchausen" Susanne Oberbeck and Guy Nisbett Short Video 2:45
November Hito Steyerl Documentary Video 25:00
Numbers: Fuck You Garage Eric Landmark
Oh, Daniel C.C. and B.N. Short Video 3:10
Okhotnik (The Hunter) Hitoshi Hirano Short 35mm 28:10
Palestine Blues Nida Sinnokrot Documentary Video 80:00 World Premiere
Panels for the Walls of the World Stan Vanderbeek Experimental 16mm 8:00
Paul and the Badger - Episode #1 Paul Tarrago Short Video 11:20
Paying Tax is Sexy Eva Linder Documentary Video 10:43
Phase Chancellor (members Matmos): excerpt from live performance Phase Chancellor
Portrait #1: Cascadia Terminal Vanessa Renwick Experimental 16 mm on Video 6:00
Puce Moment Kenneth Anger Experimental 16mm 6:30
Punk House Matt Reilly 6:30
Push {H}it (Abe's the S Stands for Suppa Glitch Out for all You Sukkas! Mix) from Universal Acid Marisa Olson, Abe Linkoln
Relax!!! Flavio Flaviani Short Video 5:00
Removed Naomi Uman 7:00
Rhinoplasty Yoshua Okon Experimental Video 40:00
Rite of the Black Sun Bradley Eros Animation Video 10:00
Serendipity, 1967 Anonymous Experimental 8 mm on Video 6:30
Sexy Midi: Wizards Kelly Sears
Shoot Joe Nanashe Experimental Video 2:25
Skating Becomes Vermoutha David Ozanich Narrative 16mm 23:00
Space Computer C.C. and B.N Short Video 2:40
Sports Robert Greene Experimental Video 13:00
Starter Set: In Can Can Descent Lindsay Beamish
States of Unbelonging Lynne Sachs in collaboration with Nir Zats Documentary Video 63:00
Sword Boy Tristan Orchard Animation Video 5:00
Tales From The Vertical City Morgan Currie Documentary Video 13:00
Tales of Mere Existence Lev Yilmaz Animation Video 7:00
The Abominable Freedom Torsten Zenas Burns and Darrin Martin Experimental Video 41:00
The Chilling, Thrilling Sounds of the HauntedHouse #1: The Very Long Fuse Steve Hall and Cathee Wilkins Short Video 4:10
The Chilling, Thrilling Sounds of the HauntedHouse #2: The Birds Steve Hall and Cathee Wilkins Short Video 5:25
The Chilling, Thrilling Sounds of the HauntedHouse #3: Your Pet Cat Steve Hall and Cathee Wilkins Short Video 4:25
The Elk Hotel Skye Thorstenson and Daniel Paul Bates Feature Video 87:00 World Premiere
The Gossip: Standing in the Way of Control Wyld File
The Maryland Trilogy
The Movie Set William Ault Experimental 16mm 10:00
The Octopus of Infinity
The Ontological Cowboy Marie Losier Documentary 16mm 10:00
The Other Side Bill Brown Documentary 16mm 41:00
The Pig James Fotopoulos Experimental Video 3:00
The Samantha Smith Project Irene Lusztig Documentary Video 50:25
The Story of Birgitta Eva Linder Documentary Video 34:00
The Subconscious Art of Graffiti Removal Matt McCormick 16:00
The Underminer Todd Downing Short Video 5:55
The Wind Kirsten Stoltmann Short Video 1:45
Toilet Chris Chiappa Experimental Video 2:30
Towlines Matt McCormick Documentary 16 mm on Video 22:00
Trinity James Fotopoulos Feature Video 108:00 World Premiere
Tussle: Entre Chien et Loup Alison Childs
Twenty Minutes Kevin Jerome Everson Experimental 35mm 3:00
Two-Week Vacation Kevin Jerome Everson Experimental 16mm 1:16
Untied Deborah Stratman 3:00
Valley Girl Michelle O'Marah Feature Video 113:00 World Theatrical Premiere
We Saw it - Like a Flash Ruth Maclennan Experimental Video 45:00
White Rainbow: Full Spectrum Healing Center Adam Forkner 3:00
Why Overweight Preteen Girls with Glasses Often Like Unicorns Jennifer Matotek Experimental Video 4:15
Yodeling Lesson Vanessa Renwick 5:00

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