2007 FIA Alternative Energies Cup

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2007 FIA Alternative Energies Cup
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The 2007 FIA Alternative Energies Cup is the first season of the FIA Alternative Energies Cup, a world championship for vehicles with alternative energy propulsion organized by the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile. The season consisted of seven rallies, beginning on April 1, and ended on November 11.[1]

Italy's Giuliano Mazzoni won the Drivers championship, and Toyota secured the Manufacturers' title.[1]

Driver Standings[edit]

Points Driver (First places)
70 Italy Giuliano Mazzoni
51 Italy Vincenzo Di Bella
28 Italy Radames Preo
27 France Jean-Michel Matas
22 Italy Mario Montanucci

Manufacturer Standings[edit]

Points Manufacturer (First places)
78 Japan Toyota
53 Japan Honda
47 Germany Opel
28 Italy Fiat
23 Spain Seat


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