2011 H1 Unlimited season

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2011 H1 Unlimited
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The 2011 H1 Unlimited season was the fifty sixth running of the H1 Unlimited series for unlimited hydroplane, jointly sanctioned by APBA, its governing body in North America and UIM, its international body.

The season began in July with the Lucas Oil Indiana Governor's Cup (Madison Regatta), held in Madison, Indiana, United States.

The finale of the season was held in November with the Oryx Cup, held in Doha, Ad Dawhah, Qatar. The 2011 Oryx Cup was the 20th running of the UIM World Championship for unlimited hydroplanes.[1]

Teams and drivers[edit]

  • All boats were powered by Lycoming T55 L7C, originally used in Chinook helicopters, only turbine engine currently permitted in the series.[2]
No Team Engine Driver Rounds
U-1 Indiana Oh Boy! Oberto- Miss Madison Lycoming T55 L7 Florida Steve David / Washington (state) Jon Zimmerman All
U-5 Indiana Graham Trucking Lycoming T55 L7 Washington (state) Jeff Bernard All
U-7 Indiana Valken Sports Lycoming T55 L7 Virginia Scott Liddycoat All
U-9 Washington (state) Jones Racing Lycoming T55 L7 Washington (state) Jon Zimmerman TC & SEA
U-11 Washington (state) Peters & May Racing Lycoming T55 L7 Washington (state) JW Myers All
U-17 Washington (state) Miss Red Dot Lycoming T55 L7 Washington (state) Kip Brown / Michigan Cal Phipps All
U-21 Washington (state) Go Fast, Turn Left Racing Lycoming T55 L7 Washington (state) Brian Perkins All
U-22 Pennsylvania Matrix System Automotive Finishes Lycoming T55 L7 Pennsylvania Mike Webster All
U-25 Washington (state) Superior Racing Lycoming T55 L7C Washington (state) Ken Muscatel All
U-57 Indiana Formulaboats.com Lycoming T55 Mark Evans / Bianca Bononcini All
U-88 Washington (state) Degree Men Lycoming T55 L7 Washington (state) J. Michael Kelly All
U-96 Washington (state) Spirit of Qatar Lycoming T55 L7 Washington (state) Dave Villwock All
U-100 Washington (state) Leland Unlimited Lycoming T55 L7 Washington (state) Greg Hopp All

Season schedule and results[edit]

Rd. Race Location Venue Date Winning boat Winning driver
1 Lucas Oil Indiana Governor's Cup (Madison Regatta) Madison, Indiana, United States Ohio River July 1–3 U-1 Oh Boy! Oberto Steve David
2 APBA Gold Cup Detroit, Michigan, United States Detroit River July 8–10 U-96 Spirit of Qatar Dave Villwock
3 Lamb Weston Columbia Cup Tri-Cities, Washington, United States Columbia River July 29–31 U-96 Spirit of Qatar Dave Villwock
4 Albert Lee Cup at Seafair Seattle, Washington, United States Lake Washington August 5–7 U-1 Oh Boy! Oberto Steve David
5 Air Guard Championship San Diego, California, United States Mission Bay September 16–18 U-96 Spirit of Qatar Dave Villwock
6 Oryx Cup – UIM World Championship Doha, Ad Dawhah, Qatar Doha Bay, Persian Gulf November 17–19 U-7 Valken.com Scott Liddycoat

National High Points Standings[edit]

Boat Points
U-96 Spirit of Qatar 5,825
U-5 Graham Trucking 4,625
U-17 Miss Red Dot 4,592
U-7 Valken.com 4,325
U-1 Oh Boy! Oberto 4,262
U-88 Degree Men 3,042
U-21 Go Fast, Turn Left! Racing 2,746
U-100 Leland Racing 2,409
U-57 Formulaboats.com 2,135
U-11 Peters & May 2,063
U-22 Great Scott! 1,308
U-9 Jones Racing 1,098
U-25 Superior Racing 1,016
U-99 Leland Racing 0

Driver Points Standings[edit]

Driver Points
Dave Villwock 5,825
Jeff Bernard 4,625
Scott Liddycoat 4,325
Steve David 3,536
Kip Brown 3,080
J. Michael Kelly 3,042
Brian Perkins 2,746
Greg Hopp 2,409
Mark Evans 2,135
JW Myers 2,063
Jon Zimmerman 1,824
Cal Phipps 1,512
Mike Webster 1,308
Ken Muscatel 1,016
Ryan Mallow 0


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