2012 Algerian Cup Final

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2012 Algerian Cup Final
Event 2011–12 Algerian Cup
Date May 1, 2012
Venue Stade 5 Juillet 1962, Algiers
Referee Mokhtar Amalou
Attendance 55,000
Weather Sunny

The 2012 Algerian Cup Final was final of the 48th edition of the Algerian Cup. The game was held on May 1st, 2012 at the Stade 5 Juillet 1962 in Algiers between CR Belouizdad and ES Sétif.[1]

ES Sétif won the game 2–1 in extra-time with a goal from Mokhtar Benmoussa in the 96th minute.[2]

FIFA president Sepp Blatter and CAF president Issa Hayatou will both be in attendance.[3]


Prior to the 2012 final, ES Sétif had reached the final of the Algerian Cup seven times, winning all seven. The last time they reached the final was in 2010, where they beat CA Batna 3–0. On the other hand, CR Belouizdad had reached the final of the Algerian Cup eight times, winning six of them. The last time they reached the final was in 2009, where they beat CA Bordj Bou Arreridj 2–1 in the penalty shoot-out. Despite reaching the final a combined 15 times prior to the 2012 edition, the two teams had never met previously in the final.

During the season, the two teams met twice prior to the Algerian Cup final, with each team winning one game. In the first game, ES Sétif won 3–1 in Algiers. In the second match, CR Belouizdad beat ES Sétif 2–0 in Sétif.

Match details[edit]

GK 1 Algeria Mohamed Ousserir
RB 4 Algeria Abdelkrim Mameri (c)
LB 24 Algeria Khalil Boukedjane
CB 2 Algeria Fayçal Abdat YC 109'
CB 20 Algeria Amine Aksas
CM 6 Algeria Ahmed Mekehout YC 21'
CM 14 Algeria Billel Naïli YC 6' Substituted off 64'
CM 10 Algeria Mohamed El Amine Aouad Substituted off 78'
LM 28 Algeria Amar Ammour
CF 18 Algeria Aboubaker Rebih
CF 9 Algeria Islam Slimani
MF 8 Algeria Mohamed Billel Benaldjia Substituted in 78'
FW 12 Algeria Mohamed Smain Kherbache Substituted in 64'
Algeria Djamel Menad
GK 1 Algeria Mohamed Benhamou YC 78'
RB 27 Algeria Abderahmane Hachoud YC 103'
CB 20 Algeria Mokhtar Megueni Substituted off 54'
CB 6 Algeria Farouk Belkaid
LB 3 Algeria Riad Benchadi
RM 14 Algeria Amir Karaoui YC 16'
CM 15 Algeria Mohamed El Amine Tiouli Substituted off 90'
CM 8 Algeria Mourad Delhoum (c)
CM 11 Algeria Mokhtar Benmoussa YC 96'
LM 10 Algeria Abdelmoumene Djabou
CF 13 Algeria Mohamed Amine Aoudia Substituted off 72'
CB 29 Algeria Adel Lakhdari Substituted in 54'
MF 23 Algeria Rachid Nadji Substituted in 90'
MF 36 Algeria Akram Djahnit Substituted in 72'
Switzerland Alain Geiger


  • Assistant referees:
    • Bouabdallah Omari
    • Choukri Bechirène
  • Fourth official:
    • Boubekeur Zouaoui


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