2012 Astrakhan gas explosion

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2012 Astrakhan gas explosion
Map of Russia - Astrakhan Oblast (2008-03).svg
Location of Astrakhan Oblast in Russia
Date 27 February 2012
Location Astrakhan, Astrakhan Oblast, Russia
Cause gas explosion
Deaths 10 [1]
Non-fatal injuries 12

The 2012 Astrakhan gas explosion occurred on February 27, 2012 at an apartment building in the city of Astrakhan, Astrakhan Oblast, Russia. It was caused by a natural gas explosion. The blast killed at least 10 people and injured 12.[2][3][4]


A nine-storey apartment block collapsed after a gas explosion. The rescuers battled to find up to 14 people still feared trapped under the rubble.[5]


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