2015 World Wrestling Championships – Women's freestyle 60 kg

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Women's freestyle 60 kg
at the 2015 World Championships
VenueOrleans Arena
Dates11 September 2015
Competitors15 from 15 nations
gold medal    Ukraine
silver medal    Mongolia
bronze medal    Bulgaria
bronze medal    United States
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The women's freestyle 60 kilograms is a competition featured at the 2015 World Wrestling Championships, and was held in Las Vegas, United States on 11 September 2015.

This freestyle wrestling competition consisted of a single-elimination tournament, with a repechage used to determine the winners of two bronze medals. The two finalists faced off for gold and silver medals. Each wrestler who lost to one of the two finalists moved into the repechage, culminating in a pair of bronze medal matches, featuring the semifinal losers each facing the remaining repechage opponent from their half of the bracket.

Each bout consists of a single round within a six-minute limit, including two halves of three minutes. The wrestler who scores more points is the winner.

The Ukrainian Oksana Herhel won the gold medal after beating Sükheegiin Tserenchimed from Mongolia in the final 10–7. Dzhanan Manolova of Bulgaria and Leigh Jaynes from the United States shared the bronze medals. Manolova beat Sun of China 3–1 and Jaynes beat Netreba from Azerbaijan 4–4 on criteria.



Main bracket[edit]

Round of 16 Quarterfinals Semifinals Final
 Sun Yazhen (CHN) 2
 Tayla Ford (NZL) 5  Sükheegiin Tserenchimed (MGL) 12
 Sükheegiin Tserenchimed (MGL) 12  Sükheegiin Tserenchimed (MGL) 10F
 Svetlana Lipatova (RUS) 1  Dzhanan Manolova (BUL) 0
 Veranika Ivanova (BLR) 5F  Veranika Ivanova (BLR) 7
 Kiwa Sakae (JPN) 4  Dzhanan Manolova (BUL) 3F
 Dzhanan Manolova (BUL) 6  Sükheegiin Tserenchimed (MGL) 7
 Oksana Herhel (UKR) 4F  Oksana Herhel (UKR) 10
 Breanne Graham (CAN) 0  Oksana Herhel (UKR) 5
 Irina Netreba (AZE) 11  Irina Netreba (AZE) 4
 Hafize Şahin (TUR) 6  Oksana Herhel (UKR) 4F
 Sarita Mor (IND) 2  Leigh Jaynes (USA) 0
 Emese Barka (HUN) 4  Emese Barka (HUN) 5
 Leigh Jaynes (USA) 12  Leigh Jaynes (USA) 10
 Madina Bakbergenova (KAZ) 0


Repechage round 1Bronze medals
 Tayla Ford (NZL)4 Sun Yazhen (CHN)1
 Sun Yazhen (CHN)4F Dzhanan Manolova (BUL)3
 Breanne Graham (CAN)5 Irina Netreba (AZE)4
 Irina Netreba (AZE)12 Leigh Jaynes (USA)4


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