23rd General Assembly of Nova Scotia

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The 23rd General Assembly of Nova Scotia represented Nova Scotia between 1864 and 1867.

The assembly sat at the pleasure of the Lieutenant-Governor of Nova Scotia, Charles Hastings Doyle. Richard Graves MacDonnell was governor for Nova Scotia from May 1864 to October 1865. William Fenwick Williams served as governor from 1865 to 1867.

John C. Wade was chosen as speaker for the house.

The assembly was dissolved on June 10, 1867.

List of Members[edit]

Electoral District Name
Annapolis County J.W. Johnston[1]

William Hallett Ray (1864)

Avard Longley
George Whitman
Antigonish County W. A. Henry
John McKinnon
County of Cape Breton Thomas Caldwell
John George Bourinot
Colchester County
North division
A.W. McLellan
William Blackwood
Colchester County
South division
Adams G. Archibald
Francis R. Parker
Cumberland County Charles Tupper
Alexander McFarlane
Robert Donkin
Digby County John C. Wade
Mathurin Robicheau
Colin Campbell
Guysborough County William O. Heffernan
Stewart Campbell
Halifax County
Western division
John Tobin
Samuel Leonard Shannon
Henry Pryor
Halifax County
Eastern division
William Annand
Henry Balcom
Hants County
North Division
Ezra Churchill
William Dawson Lawrence
Hants County
South division
James W. King
Lewis W. Hill
Inverness County Hiram Blanchard
Peter Smyth
Samuel McDonnell
Kings County
North Division
Charles C. Hamilton
Caleb R. Bill
Kings County
South division
Daniel Moore
Edward L. Brown
Lunenburg County Henry S. Jost
Henry A.N. Kaulback
William Slocumb[2]

Abraham Hebb (1865)

Pictou County
East division
James Fraser
James McDonald
Pictou County
West division
Donald Fraser
Alexander MacKay
Queens County John Campbell
Queens County
South district
Andrew Cowie
Queens County
North district
Charles Allison
Richmond County Isaac LeVesconte
William Miller
Shelburne County Thomas Coffin
Township of Shelburne John Locke
Township of Barrington Robert Robertson
Victoria County William Ross
Charles J. Campbell
Yarmouth County Thomas Killam
Township of Yarmouth George S. Brown
Township of Argyle Isaac Hatfield


  1. ^ named judge
  2. ^ died in 1865


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